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Children's Author, Health, Fashion, and Bible Writer

Sheila is the author of 5 kids picture books! She wrote a series about a quizzical lizard that takes youngsters on an adventure of learning and fun over an imaginary town. She loves to compose literature for middle schoolers along with carefully crafted hubs regarding health and the Bible.


Institute of Children's Literature

Queens College, City University of New York


Sheila Craan's storybooks are about the adventures of a little lizard named Mister Ses who's discovered in a sink faucet, a classroom, and then at a picnic bash. It grows enormous and goes on an escapade of learning and fun with school kids. It also shrinks to being a miniature lizard when it feels frightened. Will the children be able to help Mr. Ses?

Her children's books are on Amazon! Your youngsters can enjoy a Ses video book on YouTube to accompany the second book in her adorable lizard series.

I Found a Ses in My Faucet

Mr. Ses Attends Stockville Elementary Academy

Mr. Ses Dances a Dainty Do

I Found a Lizard Living in My Faucet

The Lion and the Lamb

Thanks for reading and enjoy!

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