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My goal in life is to be a crotchety old man. Why? So no one will bother me. I worked in the fast-paced lane of a restaurant manager and later as the credit manager and purchasing agent for a coffee roasting company. I was never at a loss for people that didn't want my attention. It didn't bother me. In fact, I kind of enjoyed the responsibility.

But now that I am retired (sort of) and starting to relax mostly with just my bride, Becky. I enjoy not having that yakking going on all the time. I enjoy (too much my bride would inform you) sitting at my computer all day. Right now especially since I don't have any cartilage left in my knees and my feet are ugly with neuropathy from diabetes (ugly in the sense that they laugh at me when I ask them to quit the fire and needles and the numbness that hurts so much).

I was just thinking of two men that came into my life around the time I was in my forties. Harvey Anderson was a hard working man. I could tell by the splits in fingers that were filled with grease. Not that his hands weren't clean. They were just not cleanable. He spoke with a halting cadence. His mouth would start moving but his brain was still forming the words. It was not a bothersome speech pattern just a bit unusual. Another man was Dick Bakke. He also took his time getting his thoughts into words and then his words to form in his mouth. Those two men were such an influence in my life. Not only in my Christian walk but to try to live up to the integrity that they had.

My Dad was a similarly carved man. They could have been carved from the same tree. Solid, not frilly nor egotistical. They knew their place and were content (I do believe). These were the men of Tom Brokaw's 'The Greatest Generation'. I believe, much to my sadness, that we are seeing the end of those men. Their quiet strength. Their quiet demeanor. Not often speaking especially not yapping their jaws.

I guess I am in a funk today because I read an article regarding the latest massacre. This author was espousing the theory that men, almost all men, are lonely. Most of us don't have close friends that are confidantes. Acquaintances yes. Even devoted friends. But confidantes I don't think so. I sent the article to my three sons and brothers and a few friends. The article resonated with most of them. Even some women of my age have been in similar situations. I thought most women, even though they are burdened more than is healthy when they are rearing children and juggling all the responsibilities that they each had, still found one or two women, maybe at different times of their lives that lent a willing heart and a sturdy mind that they used to prop each other up. I may have been wrong.

I just looked at the word count and I am up to 2,700 words already. I think that this profile records most of my very formative years. I am sure that I will be sharing the eras that proceed this time frame and follow it.

I appreciate the attention that you gave to my writing and look forward to your comments.If you are extremely interested I have two other sites that I blog on www.dabblerduckbutts.com A Not so Kind Look at Our Current Political Climate (and its Cause). And www.newboldessential.com I am developing that as a gesture of appreciation for Barak and Michelle Obama at obama.org

Thanks Craig

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