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I was born and raised in suburban Dallas, Texas. I transplanted to Oklahoma in 2002 and have lived here since. My life has been full of happiness, tragedy, mistakes, and all of the life that happens in between. I am a chronic quitter. I never finish anything. The only thing I make an honest attempt at finishing is writing--which, thanfully is a thing that generally has no end. Most of the people who met me in the first 25 years of my life have nothing good to say about me. To them, all I can say is that the intervening __ number have years have brought Karma to bear, both good and bad.

As the old saying goes "When the going gets tough, keep on going." Against my own advice, I've done exactly that.

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  • To the childless mother

    To the childless mother

    23 months ago

    To the childless mothers of the world, I am one of you. I know your pain. There is no greater pain than to know that you have children in the world who are surviving, thriving, living, because of you and yet you had...