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Curious Traveller is a male and female team from the United Kingdom. The male is a professional writer and the female is a very experienced traveller.

Hopefully, this combination will combine to produce some excellent travel destination and travel related Hubs.

Long Overdue Update - May 20th 2010

Thank you to all who have viewed, commented upon and enjoyed our pages over the past 13 months since we joined this site. Sadly, (this is male Curious Traveller writing,) we separated not long after joining the site, which is why there have been no more pages for a long time. The existing Hubs will remain but I am afraid that there will be no more.

Best wishes to you all.

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  • The Lakes of Malaga, Spain

    The Lakes of Malaga, Spain

    6 years ago

    The three lakes of Malaga are located some fifty to sixty kilometres north of the City of Malaga on Spain's Costa del Sol, in the province of Andalucia. When people think of this part of Spain, they think most often of...