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  • Top Issues Nurses Face

    Top Issues Nurses Face

    2 years ago

    A nursing career can be extremely rewarding. It is wise to consider the top issues nurse face, when deciding if a nursing is the carer for you.

  • Talking to Your Loved One About in-Home Care

    Talking to Your Loved One About in-Home Care

    2 years ago

    Making decisions for your elderly parent's care can be emotionally trying. Your parents probably don't want to leave their home so in home care is a great option.

  • The Best Places in New York for Business Meetings and Events,

    The Best Places in New York for Business Meetings and Events,

    4 years ago

    New York City is one of the major cities for conducting business big or small. As such, many corporations use outside space for their business events. Here are a few of the best New York has to offer

  • Is Beer the New Wine?

    Is Beer the New Wine?

    5 years ago

    Beer used to be something you just had with pretzels or peanuts.Not anymore! These days people are enjoying the trend of pairing beers with food instead of the traditional wines.

  • International New Year's Eve Traditions

    International New Year's Eve Traditions

    5 years ago

    Interesting New Year's traditions from other cultures

  • Tips for hiring a HVAC Contractor

    Tips for hiring a HVAC Contractor

    5 years ago

    1. When hiring an HVAC contractor ask friends and neighbors which contractor they used . This will help you avoid bad contractors and point you towards the best ones. 2. Before hiring make sure the contractor you use has the proper licenses to do...

  • Storefronts: Reasons Why You Need a Professional

    Storefronts: Reasons Why You Need a Professional

    5 years ago

    The news has frequent reports of robberies, vandalism or accidents where a storefront may be destroyed. Should you fix it yourself ?

  • Spring Fashion Tips for Plus-Size Women

    Spring Fashion Tips for Plus-Size Women

    6 years ago

    Spring is just around the corner and brings with it new lines, new trends and colors in the fashion world. Most women look forward to shopping for new clothes at this time but for the plus-size woman, it can be a little more difficult. Many...

  • Packing for Fun in the Sun

    Packing for Fun in the Sun

    8 years ago

    Beach holidays are popular around the world. Warm sun, cool water, sandy beaches and blue skies offer pleasure, relaxation and fun. Unless of course you have packed the wrong items, in which case fun in the sun becomes bummed on the beach. Beach...

  • Message to the World

    Message to the World

    8 years ago

    Please listen to these words its an important message that you need to hear today Put away your judgments put away your hate and anger stay silent and hear we are all the same we all dream and laugh and cry and sing and hurt Do you know what hurts...

  • The Popularity of Scented Candles

    The Popularity of Scented Candles

    5 years ago

    Most consumers buy candles by using scent as the most important reason for choosing a particular candle according the National Candle Society. But are all scented candles the same?

  • Don't Throw Out Those Chopsticks! Recycle Them!

    Don't Throw Out Those Chopsticks! Recycle Them!

    9 years ago

    Reuse chopsticks from Chinese take out with these fun ideas. Photographer: Suat Eman According to Jay Weinstein's book "The Ethical Gourmet"(Random House, Inc., 2006) diners throw out twenty billion pairs of disposable chopsticks after just one use...

  • Ideas for displays at a farmer's market

    Ideas for displays at a farmer's market

    7 years ago

    Farm markets provide income for sellers and a fun way for customers to find the produce they need. One concept of these markets is how the produce is best displayed. Creative displays result in better sales plus customers enjoy shopping more when...

  • Container Vegetable Gardening

    Container Vegetable Gardening

    7 years ago

    Growing vegetables in pots is a favorite option of those living in apartments or with limited ground space for gardening. Vegetables that will grow in a pot include just about any vegetable that grows in a normal ground garden. The key to success is...

  • Is storing open  food cans in the refrigerator safe?

    Is storing open food cans in the refrigerator safe?

    9 years ago

    High food costs cause a need to store leftover foods to get the best value. When using canned foods, placing unused portions in the original can in the refrigerator is a common practice. This practice may not be as safe as it appears. Bisphenol A...

  • Basic Computer Skills

    Basic Computer Skills

    10 years ago

    Gone are the days when a computer in an office or home was a rarity. Today almost everyone benefits from knowing basic computer skills. Computers replaced typewriters in business environments and the number of homes with personal computer use...

  • The Squirrel's Habitat and Food Sources

    The Squirrel's Habitat and Food Sources

    2 years ago

    Habitat Squirrels prefer to live where there is an abundance of food. Usually, this is an area with nut- and seed-producing plants. Squirrels also like areas that produce many grasses and plants, because the new plant shoots are edible. Squirrels...

  • Starting Over After Trauma

    Starting Over After Trauma

    10 years ago

    PTSD is hard for someone to understand if they haven't experienced it, themselves. Having PTSD is like being on a merry go round that never stops. Forever turning no matter how much you want to stop and get off. People have often said to me "What...

  • The Leo Diamond

    The Leo Diamond

    10 years ago

    A diamond's sparkle is a result of its ability to catch light on its individual facets, which are polished cuts in a diamond. Leo diamonds are of a more superior brilliance than most other diamonds because of a patented facet cutting process. Four...

  • How to Take Care of Your Eyes

    How to Take Care of Your Eyes

    10 years ago

    Natural eye health is not difficult One thing to remember is to wash your hands often to avoid getting any bacteria into the eye where it causes infections. Bacteria can cause such conditions such as pink eye or sties. Proper nutrition is also...

  • Super Speedy Diets to Lose Weight Fast

    Super Speedy Diets to Lose Weight Fast

    11 years ago

    Diets are difficult and seem to work at a turtle’s pace. When you need to lose weight fast, then slow and steady just won’t cut it. Being the rabbit and living on carrot sticks won’t work either. Instead eating five or six times a day is the...

  • How To Love a Saint Bernard

    How To Love a Saint Bernard

    11 years ago

    People usually react to a Saint Bernard Puppy by having a meltdown. That is, their heart just melts at the sight of that bundle of furry fluff. What’s not to love? Those big brown eyes pull you in and who can resist a pup that resembles an...

  • What a night!

    What a night!

    11 years ago

    What a night! Explosions everywhere!Flying Debris and the sounds of BOOM BOOM BOOM fill the air! Well it was the 4th of July so all that would be expected, right? Yes. However I wasn't outside! I was inside and the BOOM BOOM BOOM heard here was...

  • Nursing Home Reflections

    Nursing Home Reflections

    11 years ago

    Dedicated to my Mother..RIP mom.I miss you. I sit in the stiff chair, the sides pushing into my legs, slowly crushing them into numbness. I sit perfectly still so as not to wake her, this angel, my mother, asleep on the bed that offers no relief...

  • Boomer,My Saint Bernard

    Boomer,My Saint Bernard

    11 years ago

    This is my Saint Bernard Boomer. He is 7 years old and I have had him since he was 8 weeks old. He is more a friend and family then a pet. I'll be writing some articles soon about Saint Bernards so I thought I would show you my inspiration.

  • Cheap Ideas for Decorating a Child's Room

    Cheap Ideas for Decorating a Child's Room

    11 years ago

      Raising kids can be costly. Thankfully decorating their rooms need not be. All it takes is imagination and some creative thinking. Kids should always be included in helping decorate, often surprising you with some unique input. Decorating...

  • Crazy like an ..Ant?

    Crazy like an ..Ant?

    11 years ago

    Crazy like a ....Ant? Wait! Don't I mean fox? You aren't reading it wrong. There aren't any crazy foxes are to be found in this article. Instead the crazy ants and lots of them are wreaking havoc! Now ants are not a new thing. We...

  • Frugal and Unique Christmas Craft Ideas

    Frugal and Unique Christmas Craft Ideas

    11 years ago

    The holidays are looming and the wallet is lean this year.Bells might be ringing in the season but you’re dreading the blips of the cash register. You are having a hard enough time getting gifts let alone buying decorations. Don’t worry! These...

  • Cleaning Methods For Fake Jewelry

    Cleaning Methods For Fake Jewelry

    11 years ago

    Costume or fake jewelry has long been a favorite fashion accessory of women, men and even children. It comes in all shapes, colors, and materials. It can be bought, vintage or handmade. No matter what kind it is, eventually it will get dirty and...

  • Before you

    Before you

    11 years ago

    Before you I chased love down dark corridors I handed my heart broken and bruised to those that held it in the dark and shattered it again adding bricks to an invisible wall inside with each blow Before you I only had me ...

  • The Gift

    The Gift

    7 years ago

    It was a beautiful day. I sat on the cool stone steps and breathed in the spring fresh air. Overhead the birds chirped happily and flew about with bits of twigs and grass clutched in their beaks. It was a day of new beginnings. But for me it seemed...

  • A Message To Young Women

    A Message To Young Women

    10 years ago

    Be True To Yourself and All The Rest Will Follow! A message to Young Women These are things that, when I wish somebody would have told me when I was young. I might not have listened. Maybe any younger woman reading this won't either. I...

  • You know you are owned by a Saint  Bernard when...

    You know you are owned by a Saint Bernard when...

    11 years ago

    ·         You fall over your dog instead of tripping over them.   ·         Your huge lazy boy recliner is just big enough to be "the dog’s chair".   ·         You choose your wall paint color by...


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