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Hi,Im Chris.I guess I have too many interests to list them all,but my primary interests would have to fall under music,storywritng,alternative medicine and spiritual sciences among other subjects.I love to read and write about things that feed my heart and soul.I am into writing about deep spiritual concepts and those things that are known by a very few who are open enough to such concepts.I love the ocean.I like writing when at the beach..I also really like to write short silly stories that could be construed as nonsensical humor.Im a guitarist and long time student in spiritual sciences..I occassionally just write silly poems or stories mainly just for online friends.I mainly do it for fun.I like the idea of being able to create something that others may benefit from in hopefully a positive way.Even if it just makes someone laugh is great.

I havent been on here in quite some time but will soon be adding many new stories that are presently on another site..I try to live each day in gratitude..Recently I have had many friends and loved ones whom have suddenly passed away..Its been quite difficult at times..Although these have all been painful losses to me I am grateful for the friendships and times I did get to have with them..This applies to old living friends as well..Few of us seldom take the time to remember where we came from and most lose out on remembering those easier times when they were genuinely the happiest.

Here is a demo we made some time ago.Its called the American Groove.


may have to copy/paste

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