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a smooth amalgamation of all paradoxes a snob for a few while down to earth for others me on a roller coster ride of life live it up with all the ups and downs enthusiastically laugh at all ups and yes face my woes me a dreamer with feet firmly placed in reality a rebel without a cause i dont break or make rules but mend them to suit me a bit lost myself yet i help my freinds get on the right path i can brew up the right solution to all the problems but never will myself implement one i dont believe much in rights n wrongs for they change like the unpredicatble weather i believe.. in God ,magic, dreams, ufo's, unicorns and above all in myself

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  • Greek Gods of The Waters

    Greek Gods of The Waters

    7 years ago

    Oceanus To the ancients the ocean was a huge river surrounding the earth, the son of Uranus and Terra, is the chief god of all waters, Being as old as the world Oceanus was represented as an aged man sitting on the sea...