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Hi, I'm working as a translator, mainly between English and Chinese. I really like writing and writing in English would contribute a lot to my work. Keep writing an article everyday is a good habit and I'll make hubpages one of my main sites to work on. I'll write in various subjects and offer updates about China, which is the most populous country in the world and probably going to be one of the major economic powers. I admit that most of the Chinese speak poor English compared with India, but they are working hard to improve it. I'm also interested in making money online, learning SEO to write online and experimenting my ideas on it, hoping that I could make part of my revenue from it. I am also writing at some other revenue sharing websites like triond, squidoo, wizzley and infobarrel. Some of subjects I would love to write about are:

health, electronics, buying guides, interesting happenings, earning money online, dating etc.

I recommend some of the best hubs for you.

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etc, be sure to check them out and leave your valuable comments. I always love to provide useful and awesome contents for my readers and if you follow me on hubpages, I would be greatly appreciated, if you haven't joined hubpages, CLICK HERE TO JOIN! YOU WON'T REGRET.

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  • 10 weight loss tips in soaking bath

    10 weight loss tips in soaking bath

    6 years ago

    soaking bath Taking a hot water bath after a busy day can always make you comfortable and relaxed. Maybe you don’t know that in some ways, soaking in bath can be helpful in your blood circulation and speeding...