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Cyrellys is a student of the deep end of the intellectual pool, pursuing subjects which stretch the mind and the realm of possibility. She has discovered a paradigm where truth is stranger than fiction and the world we think we know is illusion created to maintain societal stability and control.

Professionally she is known as an executive for the private organization Compass Morainn: an association of exopolitical mediators. She also writes on the topics of globalism, exopolitics, and the contact paradigm.

In 2016 she has continued as the lead custodian of the Open Minds Forum at Forumotion.com and the coordinator of Manticore Group. She also signed on as a contributing editor at The Mental Militia, a fantastic project created by Elias Alias, bringing together liberty advocates from all across America to shine the spotlight on the paradigm and coordinate across all boundaries.

After a six month stint as a radio co-host at The Microeffect Radio Network, her most recent indeavor has resulted in the creation of the fledgling internet radio station named Mind Mix Radio, where she is an evening show host. The station, found at mindmixradio.com and on twitter, broadcasting out of Montana, is a multihost product of Manticore Group featuring fellow hosts Maggie Rose, Donna Hammond, and deep state researcher Quintus Dias.

Cyrellys continues the journey supporting the great awakening through these ongoing mediums. She can be contacted directly via email (cyrellys@gmail.com), Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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