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I have a beautiful family. I like spending time with my little son. While I am writing hubs, he always wants to have a place near me to see what I am doing.

I like writing and reading. Especially about car safety systems, energy solutions and mechanic history . I am a mechanical engineer, working at wagon industry .

My Wife likes writing too Especially about natural life and herbal remedies she is a doctor (pediatrician)

If you would like to write articles on HubPages, sign up here.

Our dream - as a family - is a world trip , to discover the unknown beauties.

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  • Negative Effects of Migration

    Negative Effects of Migration

    6 years ago

    Migration is becoming a very important subject for the big cities’ life. The countryside daily life facilities seem unattractive to people when cities include luxury. Educational, social, cultural and financial...

  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Supercharger

    Advantages and Disadvantages of Supercharger

    6 years ago

    Advantages and Disadvantages of Supercharger:The supercharger is used for supercharging of internal combustion piston engines. The drive is through a mechanical connection to the engine (or other device such as an...

  • Principles of Solar Energy

    Principles of Solar Energy

    6 years ago

      Solar energy means energy, heat or electricity is produced directly using the energy radiated from the Sun (renewable energy) to Earth.   At any time the Sun on the Earth sends 1367 watts per square meter. ...