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I have the privilege to live long enough to watch my hair turn white and have graduated from being referred to as “a mature man” to the present “old timer”. I have had an interesting career being around food, including my own food business as well as food management. Along the way I have observed many things about food and the people who work in the kitchen and those serving food. The biggest rewards were learning recipes and observing chefs, cooks and bakers on the job.

Growing up, I always thought that mother and grandmother were the best cooks in the world. I did not like everything on my plate and even tried to hide my pea’s under a slice of bread.

My intentions are to give you some interesting facts as well as the recipe. I realize we all come from different ethnic backgrounds and tend to crave the home cooked meals we enjoyed the most during our adolescent years. One thing we all have in common if it isn’t cooking it’s eating good tasty food.

If you have a favorite recipe you would like to share now is the time to post it; we will be forever grateful. You can also email it to me and I will post it on my website: http://recipehut.com
Our family recipes can live on even after we are long gone for all to enjoy.

I welcome you to “Daily Chocolate” favorite recipes and food facts.

In the Cookies of Life. FRIENDS are the Chocolate Chips!

Thank you,

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