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My name is Ashley but my alter ego is Daisy Kane. I'm from Virginia Beach,Virginia. I've been through hell and back, and with all of my regrets, I can maybe find my true identity... But other than that, I'm the kind of girl that laughs at anything and can hang out with just about anyone. I'm easy going, a hopeless romantic, and I think I have a big heart. I get along with just about anyone. I don't like drama. I hate people that thrieve on drama. I feel it's a waste of energy. There's no point in wasting time judging people and and thinking we're better than other people. I figured everyone is damaged in their own ways....some are more obvious than others. But other than that, I try to keep things interesting... My true passion is writing. I write screen plays, I quote movies....I love anything involving film. But I'm also an aspiring writer.

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