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I love learning languages i am so interested in history , archaeology and ancient languages, and i've started recently to compose a huge book about ''the proto- language''

well,it is what i am living for, it is named ADAM'S TONGUE,,, it is an endeavor to integrate the world culture creating a new Natural Global language instead of that artificial Esperanto

i am trying to collect the original parts of the knowledge Picture.. the True Side of the old story which has been BROKEN,LITTERED and SHARED
among all the Peoples since more than 10,000 years of human civilization ...

i am trying to justify every word that we say in all languages whether archaic or living
figuring out the relation between the ''first to speak'' language and the correct common words that are melted on our tongues until this moment!!

i am not talking about words like:''BMW'' i bet that Adam has nothing to do with ''it'' ha ha

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  • The meaning of Ra

    The meaning of Ra

    6 years ago

    Let me tell you that I am on the research for common origins of words that are similar -to a large extent- in pronunciation and meaning in different languages. The study is being particularly in etymology and philology...