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  • The Basic Economic Problem

    The Basic Economic Problem

    2 years ago

    The Basic Economic Problem of allocating finite/scarce resources to competing uses is the foundation of economics. This hub also looks at Production Possibility Frontiers and what they represent.

  • German Foreign Policy: 1933-1939

    German Foreign Policy: 1933-1939

    5 years ago

    A look at the road to war Hitler undertook in the 1930s thorugh: remilitarisation, anschluss and invasion. Looks at the policy of appeasement too. Suitable for GCSE History.

  • International Relations 1919-1939

    International Relations 1919-1939

    5 years ago

    A detailed look at the Paris Peace Conferences, The Treaty of Versailles, League of Nations and its subsequent collapse. Suitable for GCSE History revision.

  • Top 10 G-Shocks

    Top 10 G-Shocks

    3 years ago

    Casio G-Shock is an awesome watch brand seen everywhere today. This article details the best 10 watches and the best places to buy these.

  • David Beckham's Top 5 Watches

    David Beckham's Top 5 Watches

    3 years ago

    David Beckham, worldwide footballing icon, has been seen sporting a plethora of different watches on his wrist during his years of fame, including Breitling, Rolex and Jacob & Co, featured here.

  • The Watches of Princes William and Harry

    The Watches of Princes William and Harry

    4 years ago

    Princes William and Harry, second and third in line to the throne respectively are much adored by the public and are forever in the media limelight. The two princes (aged 30 and 28) are fantastic role models and great examples of the modern...

  • Bar Mitzvah Speeches

    Bar Mitzvah Speeches

    2 years ago

    Speech writing can be a hugely daunting task, and inspiration may be hard to come by. I have listed speeches used in my own Bar-Mitzvah, and I hope the jokes/ideas can be adapted and used today.

  • 5 Best Rolex Watches

    5 Best Rolex Watches

    6 years ago

    The word Rolex, conjures up ideas of luxury, wealth and power. This beautiful brand of watch, is perhaps the most famous of all watch brands, and rightly so, as it has, and still continues to, produce some of the most beautiful watches known to man....

  • Pros and Cons of Globalization

    Pros and Cons of Globalization

    2 years ago

    Globalization is the undeniable and unstoppable force claiming the world today, conjuring up a plethora of controversies in its wake. This Hub examines each of these in more detail.

  • Top Watches under £200

    Top Watches under £200

    2 years ago

    10 Watches that look great, are excellently functional but cost less than £200 (or $300 for my American friends) to buy.

  • Dharavi, Mumbai: The Pros and Cons of Living in a Slum

    Dharavi, Mumbai: The Pros and Cons of Living in a Slum

    2 years ago

    Dharavi, Mumbai. Asia's largest slum. Poverty, Disease and Inequality. But is there hope for its residents?

  • 8 Best G-Shock Watches: Which One Is for Me?

    8 Best G-Shock Watches: Which One Is for Me?

    3 weeks ago

    G-Shock is popular watch brand that can be found in many places. This hub details the best five watches and where you should look for them.


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