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My name is Daniel (Danny to friends) I was born and raised in Kirkwall, Orkney. Growing up on an island has come with its advantages and disadvantages and has made my life unique. It comes with traditions that have lasted hundreds of years, knowing the majority of the poppulation by name, where they live, and who their family is, and an element of isolation (for me anyway). Ifind myself disagreeing with a lot of the locals conservative views and being frustraited with how some elements of life here are stuck in the past. Writing has always been important to me Iv'e found that its a great way for me to express myself wether it be my personal life, or my hobbies and passions. I am a snare drummer I have played it for nearly 6 years in pipe bands on the island, I am a theatre geek and am about to venture out to mainland Britain to study technical theatre, I spend most of my time on the internet, reading and watching classic films and comedy TV shows. I wanted to start writing about these things and sharing them with the public and creating a bond between people across the world exchanging different experiences on life. So I hope you like some of the articles I write here and learn a little about me and my life.

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