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    The Glorious Era of Past Times

    3 years ago

    Nostalgic feelings, bygone times, past memories are ingrained in all of us. We long for a prosperous future but also relate to the time past by. However hard we may try to zoom in to the future, the past memories pull us back. It's good to plan for the future with a positive outlook.

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    My Brief Momental Experience at the Bus Stop

    3 years ago

    Some events unfold great truths, moreso when it's in public space. Spending time in between gaps opens up a vortex of feelings, realities, and profound learnings. My time at the bus is one such event wherein I watch the world through my inner lens.

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    In the Shadow of Time

    3 years ago

    Bygone times evoke a sense of nostalgia and reverence. It is through the shadows of the past we trudge the uncertainties of the future. Experience teaches us to value the trivial things in life and navigate the complexities life throws at us.

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    Eyes With A Silent Stare

    3 years ago

    Eyes are the window to the soul. Oh, what a remark, truly. Eyes hold within it the reservoir of emotions, longings, feelings, aches, and traumas. If you ever desire to find your true self, then look into the mirror. It should reflect the central character in your life. You are what you imagine!

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    The Journey of Thousand Dreams...

    3 years ago

    Every step takes you closer to your dreamland. A journey of thousand dreams is a poem depicting the long-cherished desires of every human being on this planet in his quest to fulfillment. Thousand is just a metaphor in achieving the ultimate goal which is self-actualization according to Maslow.

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    A New Dawn, and a New World.

    3 years ago

    A new world where only peace exists, no strife, no competition, and no disarray. Isn't this a lifelong wish of every human being? My Poem is an attempt to underline the hidden longings of human intellect. A new dawn is possible when all human beings coexist without the concept of hierarchies.

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    Rocking on a Hammock by the Beach

    3 years ago

    Sometimes finding time for oneself is the best investment. I find a beachside more relaxing than all avenues, as the cool turquoise waters, azure blue skies, and deep green foliage brings out the best part in me. Lazying on a hammock is a narration of what happens inside and around you.

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    Makrut Lime: An Lesser-Known Lime with Amazing Benefits

    3 years ago

    It's a lime that is less known, but with an amazing array of benefits. Native to Southern China & South East Asia, Makrut lime is the hidden ingredient to good health. Apart from imparting Vitamin C to the body, it has benefits that cover even its leaves and rind. Read more in the article...........

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    In the Twilight Zone...

    3 years ago

    The word 'Twilight' provides us immense creativity. It denotes the period between day and night and used by writers and poets to compose their masterpieces. The diffusion of the sun's rays is a visual spectacle with hues of pink, red & orange. Come, Enter into the twilight zone.....

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    In the Twinkle of the Eye...

    3 years ago

    Do you think you can get to your goal? There are Protagonists as well as antagonists to this theory. But the truth is, your goal is always nearer than you think. The only thing needed is your will power, and never say die attitude.

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    Once In a Blue Moon Comes a Time....

    3 years ago

    The true golden opportunity of life knocks only once, and we are entitled to it. Will you grab it or let it pass by is totally up to you. This poem depicts the Catch-22 situation we are all in when destiny presents us with a fickle time-bound situation.

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    Spending a Night Under the Star Studded Sky - a Stirring Poem

    3 years ago

    The extract of an Anonymous person under the star studded sky is an ode to reveal the hidden feelings which he tries to express with no one, but himself and to nature. He spends a night under the starry skies and ruminates about his passions, longings, and expectations. Nature is his best confessor.

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    Guide for Making a Perfect Dodol, A Goan Dessert Recipe

    3 years ago

    Landing in Goa and not trying its cuisines is unthinkable. Goan cuisines are influenced by Saraswat, Konkani, Portuguese, Arab & British cuisines. Dodol is a savory dessert that is made in every Christian home in Goa. The cuisine of Goa is heavily influenced by Portuguese cuisine.

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    The Soulful, Heart Rendering Music of Saxophone

    2 years ago

    The Saxophone is rightly called a musical instrument for the soul. It evokes quiet, rousing feelings of love. As Carlie Parker quoted, "Don't play the Saxophone, let the Saxophone play you". The music of Saxophone relaxes you the instant you hear it, and transports you to a different level of mind.

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    Shake, Fizz, Pop - the Unique Story of Codd Neck Bottle Marble Soda

    3 years ago

    'Old is gold' is a right cliche for the Codd Neck Bottle story. Even with the onslaught of modern high tech machines producing aerated and carbonated drinks by a minute, the old technology has still not lost its charm. And they are making a comeback with a vengeance. Goli Soda bottle is one of them.

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    Brown Rice, Red Rice, Black Rice: The Antioxidant Powerhouse

    3 years ago

    White Rice is the go to choice in any cuisine and food preparation. It is visible everywhere and people are accustomed to it. But few are aware of the other rice varieties. This article uncovers the many benefits of Red, Brown & Black rice over the unbiquitious White Rice.

  • Azuleijos: The Fascinating Portuguese Tile Art

    Azuleijos: The Fascinating Portuguese Tile Art

    3 years ago

    Migration, colonization, and foreign rule brought with itself traditions, customs, cultures, business, cuisines, and art from the native country. Cross-cultural exchanges became commonplace which reflected in art. This article highlights the influence of Arab tile art on Portuguese architecture.

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    How to Grow the YouTube Channel From 0 Views and Zero Subscribers

    3 years ago

    OTT and Video channels have created overnight stars and cash cows. No one wants to lag behind in this race of video success. From kids to oldies, all have entered the fray and are uploading personal stories with great elan. This article is a guide to decode the success behind a YouTube channel.

  • 5 Alternate Ways to Treat Pulmonary Fibrosis

    5 Alternate Ways to Treat Pulmonary Fibrosis

    3 years ago

    As per the old Chinese truth, lung power is extremely crucial for overall health. So taking into account the pollution in today's age, keeping your lungs in pink of health becomes all the more important. Pulmonary Fibrosis is a silent culprit that steals you of your good health.

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    The Curious Case of The Gordian Knot

    3 years ago

    A jigsaw puzzle, complex situation, unending question, and an unsolved mystery all denote a Gordian Knot. By compiling this article, my aim is to unearth the mystery of this term.

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    4 Ways to Make Your Content Go Viral

    3 years ago

    Content amplification is the perennial puzzle most new-age digital geeks, influencers, bloggers, and YouTubers face. Unraveling the right mix and ratio of text, images, media can be daunting. This article highlights a few pointers to circumvent this issue.

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    5 Ways to De-Stress and Relax the Mind

    3 years ago

    Stress is omnipresent and all-pervading. Escaping stress in today's age and times is like breaking out of magician Harry Houdini's cage. This article highlights some unique ways of getting out of the stress conundrum.


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