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When you come back older and some probably forgot all about you, as darkness remains so do i, because the world is disorder... Dont you hate when you forget your password Hahaha...

When I write, it's like the essence of my soul, leaks on the page, forming words, for those, who wish to read my work, I leave this, world behind, as if I'm trying, to locate, my own grand design, drifting thru, different lives, realizing my potential, is still growing, where it ends, is unknowning, it seems, i can't, be defined, as all this information, grows within my mind, accepting challenges to better myself, if I lose, I'll learn, from my mistakes, making my mind and interpretation, of what ever I write, stronger than, what I previously, created...

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    12 months ago

    Greetings every one, yes I am the original and I'm back...