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I have always had a fascination with the unexplaind since I was a young kid. What first got me interested in the unexplained was ghosts. I read many books and watched many documentaries growing up on the subject of ghost. Later on, I expanded this to also include ufos, strange creatures, ancient earth theories and many more.

My hubpage will focus on a variety of different unexplained subjects, and also the odd review and short story. I hope people will come to my page and learn something new when it comes to the unexplaind. I also hope I will learn many things from reading other peoples hubs :)

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  • My Favorite Ghost Photos

    My Favorite Ghost Photos

    9 months ago

    A list of my favorite ghost photos. There are so many ghost photos out there, but only a few that really stand out for me. As far as I know, these photos have never been proven fakes. Enjoy!

  • The Mongolian Death Worm

    The Mongolian Death Worm

    10 months ago

    Is there a giant worm living in the Gobi desert? A worm so deadly, it can kill you in an instant. The Mongolian death worm is feared among the people of Mongolia, and you can understand why!

  • The Fresno Nightcrawlers

    The Fresno Nightcrawlers

    10 months ago

    Nightcrawlers look very strange, but are they real? Two pieces of footage is all we have of them, but throw in some odd wooden carvings and native American Indian lore, and we have a mystery!

  • Eraserhead- A Door To Your Nightmares

    Eraserhead- A Door To Your Nightmares

    10 months ago

    David Lynch's first and best film. A film that took five years to make. A film that is still a mystery now, as it was when released in 1977.

  • Stone Tape Ghost Theory

    Stone Tape Ghost Theory

    10 months ago

    The Stone Tape theory is a theory that ghost sightings are recordings that are somehow stored in the surroundings, and replayed under certain conditions.

  • The Coyne Helicopter UFO Indecent

    The Coyne Helicopter UFO Indecent

    11 months ago

    A very interesting and compelling UFO case involving four military personnel on board their Army helicopter. This has to be one of the most credible UFO cases out there, and still unexplained.

  • Robert Taylor - A very strange UFO case

    Robert Taylor - A very strange UFO case

    10 months ago

    The Robert Taylor UFO case has to be one of the most strangest cases I have ever come across. A very close encounter, and maybe a bit too close for most people's liking .

  • J'ba Fofi - The Beast of Africa

    J'ba Fofi - The Beast of Africa

    11 months ago

    Is there a giant breed of spider living deep in the Congo jungle? Many in the area believe there is. It's name is J'ba Fofi, and if you were to believe the witness testimony, it is quite big!