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  • The Facts About Minerals

    The Facts About Minerals

    3 months ago

    Minerals are necessary for life and health. Some, such as calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium are required in large amounts, while others are needed in much smaller quantities, and are therefore called trace minerals. We obtain minerals from...

  • 41

    ASCII Art

    3 months ago

    As early as 1867 typewriters have been used for creating visual art. In the late 70s and early 80s computers were limited in terms of graphics and via computer bulletin board systems of ASCII art became widespread. As the Internet began to develop and thrive with technology making the use of high...

  • 16

    How Do Deodorants Work? All About Sweat and How to Control It

    3 months ago

    What is perspiration, and how do deodorants work? Also, what causes excessive sweating, and is it possible to prevent this problem?

  • The Republic of Rome

    The Republic of Rome

    7 weeks ago

    In the 500 or so years from the establishment of the republic to the accession of Augustus, Rome grew from a small city-state to the dominant power in the Mediterranean. This process, which was achieved by both military force and diplomatic alliances, began with Rome's subjugation of Italy. Its...

  • Muscle & Fitness

    Muscle & Fitness

    2 months ago

    Your reasons for including weight training in your weekly schedule will largely determine the type of program you follow and the exercises to be included. There is an endless variety to choose from and it is therefore difficult to prescribe a program to suit everyone. This is where you begin...

  • 14

    Strong Neck and Impressive Traps

    3 months ago

    You may not consider your neck the most important body part to concentrate on in the gym, but you have at least three important reasons to work it. 1) your neck muscles are responsible for your head movements, 2) well-developed neck muscles...

  • 1

    Building a Broader Back

    7 weeks ago

    The latissimus dorsi (aka The Lats) is responsible for extension, transverse extension, flexion, adduction and internal rotation actions of the shoulder joint. The action of the lats draws the upper arm downward and backward and rotates it inward...

  • 8

    Flatten Your Stomach And Chisel Those Abs

    2 months ago

    Let's face it, the way your midsection looks has a lot to do with how you feel about yourself. Everybody desires washboard abs, or in the very least a flat tummy. What can you do to improve this appearance?

  • 13

    Strengthen Your Lower Back

    2 months ago

    A strong back has long been admired and desired as the basis of power. The main concern of both athletes and non-athletes alike is lower back pain. One way to avoid or alleviate it is to strengthen all the muscles of your back, which hold together...

  • 9

    Get a Firmer Butt!

    7 weeks ago

    Who doesn't like a nice looking butt? Who doesn't mind LOOKING at a nice butt? If you don't want your backside looking like two pigs fighting over milk duds, then you need to work out that muscle with the extravagant name: the Gluteus Maximus

  • 2

    Training Terrific Triceps

    2 months ago

    One of the major muscles of the arm, the triceps, acts to extend or straighten the arm (while the biceps perform the opposite motion, flexing). The muscle runs from the shoulder to the elbow at the back. It is named for its three heads, or points.

  • 2

    Big Bulging Biceps

    2 months ago

    The biceps muscle is often considered aesthetically pleasing due to its prominent position on the front of the arm, creating a visually appealing contour and enhancing the overall appearance of muscularity and strength.

  • 13

    The Wonderful World of Cheese!

    3 months ago

    Cheese is a preparation of concentrated milk known as the curd, coagulated by rennet or other enzymes, separated from the whey and pressed into a solid mass. The main constituents of cheese are protein (the most important of which is casein), fat, mineral salts, and water.

  • 14

    Caricature: Why, When, What and Where Did It Come From?

    3 months ago

    Caricature is the pictorial equivalent of satire, whereby flaws in society are attacked with the weapon of ridicule. Striking images are drawn by simplifying, distorting, exaggerating and careful juxtaposing.

  • 19

    Ancient Greek Trireme

    3 months ago

    The trireme is an ancient vessel with three rows of oars, of great effectuality, in early naval warfare. Mentioned by Thucydides. It was a long narrow vessel propelled by 170 rowers. The Romans copied it from the Greeks, and used it with considerable advantage. They were used at the battle of...

  • 10

    Roman Emperor - Augustus

    3 months ago

    The Roman Republic ended with Julius Caesar and the Roman Empire began with Augustus Caesar. Augustus, the title originally conferred by the Roman senate in 27 B.C. upon Gaius Octavianus, the successor of Julius Caesar. It was afterwards borne by emperors both of the ancient empire and of the Holy...

  • 24

    Dactylography: The Scientific Study of Fingerprints

    3 months ago

    Dactylography is the study of fingerprints, and this article will examine the scientific methodology behind it. Fingerprints are an excellent means of identifying people.

  • 0

    Tattooing: What, Where, When and Why

    3 months ago

    Tattooing is the process of injecting a permanent dye under the skin to form a picture or design is called tattooing. The word 'tattoo' derives from a similar sounding word in the Polynesian language. Tattooing was practiced by the Egyptians as...

  • Copyright


    3 months ago

    Copyright is the sole legal right of multiplying copies of an original work or composition; literary, dramatic, musical or artistic work. It grants the copyright holder (usually the author of the work, unless they've relinquished that right) the...

  • Greek Philosopher: Thales

    Greek Philosopher: Thales

    3 months ago

    Thales (634 B.C. to 546 B.C.) was the first known Greek philosopher and scientist. Traditionally known as the father of philosophy, he also invented theoretical geometry and abstract astronomy and was the first of the Seven Sages of Greece. It is...

  • Greek Philosopher: Heraclitus

    Greek Philosopher: Heraclitus

    3 months ago

    Heraclitus was an early famous Greek philosopher, and a leading member of the so-called pre-Socratics. He was a descendant of the royal line of his native city and it is probably that he help temporal and religous powers commensurate with his...

  • 14

    Greek Philosopher: Democritus

    3 months ago

    Democritus, known as "the laughing philosopher" for his cheerful disposition and rumored to have blinded himself to avoid distraction, is credited with the atomic theory, envisioning atoms as indivisible particles colliding to form the universe and all within it.

  • The Ten Principles of Feeding a Horse

    The Ten Principles of Feeding a Horse

    3 months ago

    1. Nowadays most horses, particularly heavy horses, are underworked. Or even idle. Therefore their greatest peril is overfeeding. The worst enemy of an idle horse is fodder which would be suitable to him if he were working. The worst enemy of a...

  • 23

    Hot Sexy Sandra Sully

    3 months ago

    What is this fascination with some Hubbers and publishing hubs with very little content and a LOT of images of bikini clad babes? Okay, I know that sex sells, but are they actually getting traffic? Is it well worth the effort involved that it is...

  • 22

    Greek Philosopher: Plato

    2 months ago

    Born at Athens of a noble family, he intended to enter politics but was disgusted with Athenian political intrigue and disillusioned with the democratic regime. He became a disciple of Socrates and was present at his trial. Visited Italy and on...

  • Greek Philosopher: Aristotle

    Greek Philosopher: Aristotle

    3 months ago

    Aristotle the most famous of all the Greek philosophers, was a disciple of Plato, after whose death he retired from Athens, and later undertook the education of Alexander, later known as Alexander the Great. Subsequently at Athens he established the...

  • How Wine Is Made

    How Wine Is Made

    3 months ago

    It starts with the grape. But not just any grape. A carefully and specifically chosen grape whose vine will complement the soil and the climate. At Telegherry they've chosen the Pinot Gris. But they grafted a southern climate variety to a...


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