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Dave Harris profile image

Dave Harris

Joined 8 years ago from Cardiff, UK




Also follow me on:

Hi fellow hubbers, my name is Dave Harris, I'm 42 and I’m an artist, father of 2 and house-husband living in Cardiff in the UK. I specialise in highly detailed pencil and acrylic portraits from photographs, movie scenes and World War 2 art. Since I was a boy, I’ve had an interest in the various military operations and campaigns throughout history through to World War 2 and I am now focusing my artwork in the military and movie fields. I believe that in these difficult times of global conflicts, it's worth pausing for a while to consider the heroic feats of bravery of ordinary men and women who went to extraordinary lengths in combat and covert situations of days gone by. Hope you enjoy my hubs and thanks for stopping by!

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  • World War Two: Churchill's German Army

    World War Two: Churchill's German Army

    4 years ago

    Around 10,000 Germans and Austrians fought for the Allies during the second world war. They volunteered to fight against their homeland and countrymen in critical operations across Europe. They endured the mistrust of their adopted country, but were...

  • World War Two: The Enigma Codebreakers Part 2

    World War Two: The Enigma Codebreakers Part 2

    7 years ago

    Throughout the second world war, the Nazis believed that their Enigma coding machine was unbreakable, but the British had uncovered it's secrets. This ultimately shortened the war by an estimated 3 years and by the 8th May 1945, when the Allied ...

  • World War Two: Secrets of D-Day

    World War Two: Secrets of D-Day

    5 years ago

    On the 6th June 1944, the future of liberty loving people across the world would be fought for on the beaches of the northern French coast at Normandy. D-Say was the culmination of months of planning by the Allied forces of Britain, America and...

  • World War Two: Fooling Hitler

    World War Two: Fooling Hitler

    7 years ago

    Britain's ingenious deception methods during World War Two were immeasurable. Without them the Allies may never have achieved an eventual victory and the assistance of Britain's film studios during the war was to prove crucial. Without the invention...

  • Military History: Braveheart - The Real Story

    Military History: Braveheart - The Real Story

    5 years ago

    For anyone who has seen the movie Braveheart and believes it was a true to life tale about William Wallace, forget it. Although it may be a great piece of Hollywood theatre, it is not an accurate portrayal of the true events of his life. In central...

  • Military History: Sparta v Athens

    Military History: Sparta v Athens

    3 years ago

    Around 2,500 years ago, the massive Persian Army came from the East to enslave the independant cities of Greece and threaten the very existence of Western civilisation. Forced with overwhelming odds, Sparta and Athens would lead a fierce resistence...

  • World War Two: Operation Valkyrie

    World War Two: Operation Valkyrie

    3 years ago

    At midday on the 20th July 1944, Colonel Claus Von Stauffenberg walked uneasily through the heavily guarded forest complex of FeildMarshall Keitel at the Wolfschanze, Hitler's headquarters for the eastern front in East Prussia. he was scheduled to...

  • World War Two: Carnage at Omaha Beach

    World War Two: Carnage at Omaha Beach

    6 years ago

    D-Day, 6th June 1944 and utter carnage is about to unfold on one of the American forces' designated Normandy beaches. Tragedy strikes as over 2,000 casualties are sustained in artillery fire on Omaha beach in one of the bloodiest days of World War 2.

  • World War Two: Britain's Rogue Warrior

    World War Two: Britain's Rogue Warrior

    6 years ago

    Paddy Mayne was a hell-raising hero of World War 2. He blew up thousands of German aircraft and convoys, and in true SAS style, killed hundreds of Germans with just his bare hands. In December 1941 at an airfield deep in the North African desert,...