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I've been writing as a freelancer since the '70s. My first paid work was a studio greeting card gag, sold to Gibson, that had a one word punch line: SEKS!

(Please check out my transferred from Squidoo Hubs at David Stone1. I'm hoping they let us get married. We're a perfect match.)

Since then, I've written and sold much more. In addition to an accumulating collection of hubs, I also write for dead tree publications. Most frequently, my work is found in our local Main Street WIRE, where I write all the art reviews and some features, most but not all of them art-related.

My books, however, remain the professional loves of my life.

My first novel, The Garden of What Was and Was Not, was followed by my only nonfiction book, A Million Different Things: Meditations of The World's Happiest Man, a fun romp in the writing. Finally, I just published, Traveling Without a Passport, a sequel to The Garden.

New Note: My wife and I have just released our new, illustrated book about two cats who smuggled their way into a trip to Paris. Travels With George: Paris. The results of an pre-sale campaign were great, even during the slowest season in what is perceived as a bad economy.

For most of the last twenty years, my wife and I have lived happily on Roosevelt Island in New York City with our cats and international neighbors. We travel frequently, especially to Europe.

My wife, Deborah Julian, is a professional photographer and the director of a small, modern art gallery. Her website rounds out our Family Biz: Deborah Julian Photography. She is a member of both Gallery RIVAA, here in New York, and the Etsy community.

As a writer earning a living from his work on line, I am always open to suggestions for back links with any of you having appropriate websites of your own.

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