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    The College Football Crisis

    8 weeks ago

    College football is at a crisis point. The most powerful conferences and the most storied football schools are taking steps to separate themselves from everyone else. What can be done to reverse this trend? Or is this the beginning of a new order in college football?

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    The Career of Jimmy Garoppolo

    3 months ago

    This article looks back on the career of quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo with the San Francisco 49ers. I will also speculate on his future following the 2021 NFL season.

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    Buster Posey: A Legendary Career

    11 months ago

    On November 4, 2021, Buster Posey retired from baseball. This article discusses the issues surrounding his decision to retire, attempts to put perspective on his great career, and speculates on his eligibility into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

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    The Designated Hitter Solution

    19 months ago

    For almost 50 years the National and American Leagues have played under a significantly different rule. There may be a compromise regarding the Designated Hitter that would finally bring both leagues together playing under the same rules.

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    Dusty Baker: An Amazing Baseball Life

    13 months ago

    Dusty Baker had an outstanding career in Major League Baseball. He was a solid Major League player. He was an outstanding Major League Manager and was a person of high character. During his career he developed unique relationships with some of the greatest players of all time.

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    The Dark Day by the Bay (NFL)

    10 months ago

    On December 23, 1972, the San Francisco Bay Area football teams suffered two of the most crushing defeats in NFL History. The effect of the losses sustained by the San Francisco 49ers and Oakland Raiders on that day are still evident today.

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    A Case for the Astros

    6 months ago

    The Houston Astros have been found guilty of cheating in a much publicized investigation by Major League Baseball. Is there statistical evidence of their cheating? What effect did their cheating have on the results of their games?

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    The Long NBA Season

    5 months ago

    The season of the National Basketball Association is longer than the seasons of the National Football League and Major League Baseball. Is it necessary? Would it actually be preferable to have a shorter season?

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    Phil Mickelson: The Modern Day Arnold Palmer

    6 months ago

    Arnold Palmer and Phil Mickelson are two of the most iconic names in Golf. This article compares their golfing careers. From their accomplishments on the golf course to their large fan following, their careers are eerily similar.

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    The Five Eras of San Francisco Giants Baseball

    6 months ago

    What is the Giants' history in San Francisco like? It can be broken into five distinctive eras, from the Mays, McCovey, and Marichal Era of the 1960s to the Golden Era of the past decade.


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