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I am passionate about the outdoors, photography, fishing, boating, seafood, nature and travel.

I write content for several websites, including Freshwater Fishing News, Chesapeake Bay, Nautical Art, Charter Boats and Guides, Fresh Seafood, and Commercial Fishing.

I also offer a wide range of outdoor, regional and nature-related artwork. Anglers, boaters, outdoor enthusiasts and others are encouraged to visit the following online stores: North America, Fish - Fishing - Seafood and Outdoors USA.

In addition to the projects mentioned above, I also provide quality content, photostock and other services for several niche markets including outdoor-related industries, travel-related businesses and the seafood industry.

Businesses are invited to inquire about copywriting, outdoor photography, computer graphics and other services.

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  • Best Baits for Croaker Fishing

    Best Baits for Croaker Fishing

    2 weeks ago

    Atlantic croaker are caught with a variety of cut baits including squid, crabs, bloodworms, clams, and other baits.

  • How to Use Circle Hooks

    How to Use Circle Hooks

    15 months ago

    Circle hooks are specialized hooks, useful for both saltwater and freshwater fishing. A circle hook has its point sharply bent back so the barb will not catch on smooth surfaces.

  • How to Catch, Clean and Cook Yellow Perch

    How to Catch, Clean and Cook Yellow Perch

    6 years ago

    Yellow perch are small but popular freshwater panfish found throughout North America. Traditionally, these fish are caught in large numbers during early spring as they school up to spawn.

  • How To Clean and Cook Wild Ducks and Geese

    How To Clean and Cook Wild Ducks and Geese

    2 years ago

    How to remove feathers, clean and cook wild ducks, geese, and other waterfowl.

  • Virginia Seafood Festivals

    Virginia Seafood Festivals

    15 months ago

    Virginia seafood festivals are a great way to celebrate the seasons and sample great seafood.

  • Seafood


    15 months ago

    For most people, a local seafood market is the best bet. Seafood buyers may find a market near home, or while on vacation. In either case, look for businesses with a good long term reputation, clean appearance, and...