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NOTE: Not same as days leaper elsewhere such as facebook etc. -Just noticed this! Apr2012

Update: Aug2015, been away from blogging for about 2 years, on the time going by the kind comments. Otherwise I wouldnt have a clue how long it has been.

Primary interest:-
Much of my life lately has been dealing with my illness, and the issues surrounding Kidney problems (known as Renal Failure). So everything I have written here is dedicated to helping others in similar situations -albeit with the odd passing interest as the exception to the rule.

Health and Fitness, Visual Basic, and generally things that catch my eye. When I have time -though this is rare, I like to click on those who 'follow' to see how they're doing, their latest thoughts etc.
Attempting to learn Microsofts Visual Basic.net(2003) before leaving this mortal coil. (that is to say, the time taken so far - might be a hundred years old before getting anywhere significant!)
Reason for joining HubPages: Enjoy writing and developing more knowledge.

Self confessed Genius!
Although not totally far out. Having an education test forced upon him by the Work or else committe some years ago (You may know these people as DSS, DWP or Welfare!) this found generally high reasoning and aptitude skills. Education was the problem as I was always off poorly.
A Mensa test gave him some hope, during trying conditions. But I try not to talk about it.
Was studying a Psychology BSc degree. Getting as far as being awareded part 1: certsocsci(open) in 2001; left due to illness.
Renal patient since 1995. Haemo-dialysing 7 years in Sept'10
brought up Christian, not religious: Church is OK for births, weddings and funerals. And family like me to attend "At least at Christmas mass", but isn't Easter of more impportance? -more partial to not going, and get out of doing so when I can which is most of the time.

Note: The following is added merely so that the reader may attain perspective on comments made by the writer. No elitism, or issue of any kind is intended whatsoever. Except it was considered aloof and misguiding to not include this information.

heterosexual (ie. Straight) white male: 35 years old. Currently single, no children or pets.
Holds no political allegiences. If he does choose to vote it is because the politician helped in some way in their prior term, if it was a case of going by policies he would have to make up his own party!

Football; (UK: AKA. "Soccer") playing rather than simply watching. But can't these days, writing, and reading fill his time, Tea drinker as it's better for, gentler on the stomach; "try with some Golden Syrup!"

Watching TV. thoughwould rather summon the will power not to as it wipes out the whole day.

Meaning apart from politics etc.
Realised through HubPages and prior experiences is quite strongly against illegal narcotiics, smoking and alcohol too for that matter. All ruin lives.
Not keen on toilet humour or swearing though is able to tolerate both, these won't win any prizes with him!
19 May 2011, "Broken Links": corrected. After unusually long delay as it was the first time I learned how to do it. Updated.
05 June 2011. Profile edited. More broken links removed.
Thank You for your interest.
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