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Me...? I'm a Jeweler that specializes in the exotic. Usually chainmaille, but I do a lot of other silverwork. I like to write guides, and I figured well you know, people need to know about tools and stuff right? So here I am.

Some of my best guides have to do with jewelry making. Feel free to take a look at my favorites:

Building Your Own Jewelers Bench - This guide takes you through, step by step, the process of building your own simple and cost effective jewelers bench. It would be best to have a little bit of woodworking skills, but if you are already making jewelry, you probably have the technical knowledge!

Planning Your Workstation - Ever wonder where to put that bench you just built? How about some of the tools you may need to get started? This guide shows you some of the things you will have to have in order to be succesfull and productive.

Fusing Silver Jump Rings - Do you want to have an alternative to soldering silver rings together? Well, fusing may be the choice for you. Use these step by step instructions to become a master in the art of fusing silver jump rings.

If you ever want to visit my blog just click here. Its a bit haphazard and sporatic, but you'll get to see some more of my stuff and how I do it.

If you want to find top quality supplies for your jewelry making madness, please visit my Etsy page. I promise you'll always get the best from me.

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