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Hello, my name is Kimberly and I am 44, a recovering heroine and cocaine addict using daily since the age of 14.


What is Dear Addict? Dear Addict is a 5 year old 2 fold form of support for not just the addict or alcoholic but also just as much for the loved ones surround this cripling disease. LETS SIMPLIFY THIS AT ITS CORE; DEAR ADDICT IS SIMPLY PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE.

Dear addict also will be addressing gambling, sex, eating and other directions that effect our lives to a point needeing help to stop a harmful cycle.

In totality, a very serious topic. My approach however, is a little different. I am one of millions of drug addicts. If I don't laugh at myself, I would prefer not to be sober at all.

I lived deadly serious for far too many years, so sobriety just must be fun, but not a joke.

Jan 26/11 Have to [clears throat] say what a community we have and what a fantastic gift dear addict has received from Hubbers, You are dear addict, never forger that [OK gotta go, can't see my keyboard] lol

I didn't pick up today, it's a good day, if you did, it's okay but get on that phone or ask for help so you don't tomorrow, always, one day at a time. Bless

If you read us, the best advice I can give you is take what works and leave the rest.


Video of lyrics-caution advised

Mistyhorizon-great hub-alcohohol dependency


Here's Hubs growing with a collabarate input, so post links in comment boxes, email me or just get to me, these are ours and ours alone;

Dear addict can only live, thrive and help through your participation; Dear Addict is solely people helping people.

No certified medical specialists or councellors, just us. The ones who have lived it. And already look at how people are reaching out so far. That to me is recovery.

Recovery is living in the solution. May we never stop being teachable. Or learning from eachother.

I can only promise one thing. My worst day sober is 1000 times better than my best day high.

Thank you to everyone, and let's welcome who we can, you just never know.........


[I apologize for not qualifying and for bringing this to my attention, but in recovery ODAAT is our most important tool besides not picking up meaning; one day at a time, relevant to anyone, no program needed for that to help, peace]

have a safe 24

If you really really need to pick up or drink right now, I'll make you a deal. If you can wait one hour and still feel the mental obsession and physical craving as strongly as you do now, it's on me. Try One Hour. Just One Hour.


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