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  • Losing Weight and Gaining Confidence

    Losing Weight and Gaining Confidence

    9 years ago

    Losing weight and trying on a dress for the first time in many years brings this negative-body image to its knees when confronted with a mirror and the thought "Hey, I look stunning!"

  • Mom, I'm Transgender. A Christian Mom's Journey.

    Mom, I'm Transgender. A Christian Mom's Journey.

    8 years ago

    What is it really like when you discover your child is transgender - and you have to call them "son" instead of "daughter?" This hub is the beginning of the conversation - from a Christian Mom's POV.

  • Choosing Your Path in Life

    Choosing Your Path in Life

    11 years ago

    How do you figure out - at the young age of 19 - what you want to do for the rest of your life? Finding the balance of real work (with real grown-up pay) and a love for what you do is a challenge. If only we could decide later in life, once we really figured out who we are and what we enjoy!

  • Father's Day Confusion

    Father's Day Confusion

    11 years ago

    Father's Day can be a bit awkward for people raised in homes with unconventional "Dad" situations. Read how this Hubber coped with a grandfather, bio dad, and step-father, and how Hallmark really needs to step up their game on the card business.

  • White Hair Blues

    White Hair Blues

    10 years ago

    Your white or silver hair is a blank slate. Give it some pizzaz and yourself a lift at the same time. Aging with style can be liberating and exciting, if you give it a chance.

  • Adjusting Your Parental Comfort Zone

    Adjusting Your Parental Comfort Zone

    11 years ago

    In "Adjusting Your Parental Comfort Zone," we consider the unexpected and unique things that make your child a confident, independent person with a real personality and the desire to embrace life. But how does a parent let go? What if you have a kid that is really unique (what parent doesn't say...

  • 6

    My Vampire Can Beat Up Your Vampire

    9 years ago

    Barnabas Collins vs. Edward Cullen. Sorry, folks, but there is no contest when it comes to class and elegance vs. feminized outward glitter and the banal vocabulary that is Twilight. Traditional vampire movies - and the original Bela (Lugosi) bat wings around the superficial arm candy of today's...

  • Entering the Steampunk World at 55

    Entering the Steampunk World at 55

    11 years ago

    Take one Mom, three unrelated teenagers, and a weekend extravaganza called the Steampunk World's Fair and you get a myriad of stories to share with others. Growing older and embracing new genres of life - the Victorian, goggle-trimmed, time-traveling world of Steam - is a thrill. Find your...

  • A Little More Arch, Cinderella!

    A Little More Arch, Cinderella!

    10 years ago

    You never know when you will meet a person who has a Cinderella life - before she met the Prince, that is. when it comes to serving the public, remember to be kind and generous to those who serve you well. It could be a magical moment for them to hear a "thank you" instead of criticism, which so...

  • Aging with Grace Instead of In Place

    Aging with Grace Instead of In Place

    10 years ago

    Aging doesn't mean a rocking chair anymore! From the age of 50 onward, start planning ways to contribute to yourself and your community by doing something you love - sharing your joyful spirit and skills with others. Be a role model senior citizen who people will remark "She's so cool" instead of...

  • White-Knuckle Drives Through Ireland

    White-Knuckle Drives Through Ireland

    9 years ago

    Driving in Ireland was an unexpected thrill, which is putting it mildly. Read how one family steered their way across Ireland, and enjoy the antics of things that happened along the way. A must for any would-be driver to the Land of beautiful greenery and some of the most narrow roads imaginable.

  • The 35-year Plan

    The 35-year Plan

    10 years ago

    When your dreams of a 4-year college adventure turn into a 35-year plan instead, learn how to cope from someone who knows. Without whining or playing the pity game, "The 35-year Plan" is an upbeat look at how one person handled the unexpected course alterations that caused her life to veer wildly...

  • Why Hide the Plus-Sizers?

    Why Hide the Plus-Sizers?

    13 years ago

    Plus-size women, like it or not, are in abundance in this country. Most are in some stage of weight loss or guilt-ridden angst about their size, but many also accept reality. Which is hard to do when retail stores set out to demean full-figured women by hiding them in the corner. My money spends...


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