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Deborah-Lynn profile image


Joined 9 years ago from Los Angeles, California




Also follow me on:

"My passion, my mission in life has always been to leave a place in better condition than when I entered it."

If you know me personally you have heard me preach this philosophy more than once, for example, to my daughters when visiting friends or family.

Now I have two families, my immediate family, husband, kids, in-laws...the usual, but a second family in HubPages. This is a writers' community, unique unto itself because what you find here is an endless inspiration, friendship, support not only in honing your craft but during times of joy, sadness, expectations of success or temporary's all here. Follow the steps you are given to begin, read the FAQ's and learn the resources that are available to you and are on your way my friend so don't look back, the future is bright!

If you want to write Hubs and earn money while you are learning, just click the URL Below to get started, there is no cost what-so-ever.

Throughout my life in all my various careers, I find the idea of leaving my environment better for my being here on this planet, most exciting and credible, as well as having long-lasting meaningful benefits that will last long into the future. Personally, we started out small with our daughters; hatching Monarch Butterfly Chrysalis by the hundreds, releasing thousands and thousands of Ladybugs, growing frogs from polliwogs, hatching bird eggs, caring for bunnies and abandoned animals.

Currently, The National Wildlife Federation ( has Certified our property as a Certified Wildlife Environmental Habitat. We have a "Hatch and Release Project" helping the natural wildlife in our area breed and survive. We are awaiting a new cluster of hatching Quail eggs and lovingly maturing them for release into the habitat we have provided for them. They eventually will start breeding and move into the surrounding area where they once thrived before the great fires and housing tract construction drove predators into our area and depleted the small wildlife that had always thrived here

Our property sustains the four basic habitat elements as required by the NWF: food, water, cover and places to raise their young, as needed for wildlife to thrive.

I need your encouragement, participation, and ideas. Why? Because I absolutely know that my local area is not unusual to this dilemma. Everyone in this world has something to offer their environment and we need to do everything we can, even in the smallest way, to leave this planet in better condition than it was when we arrived.

Let's talk, leave a comment on this page, find me on my URL or email me, my Facebook page has lots of incredible photos of things we can do to beautify our localities. I am sure your ideas can help me and my readers as well! You are so welcomed here, stay a while....

I have been nominated as a Hubnugget Wannabe, please vote?

If you are interested in pets, here is a link, if you want some help, click here, you can find new ways to job search here, or maybe do some traveling or shopping?

If you are interested in helping others, click here, or entertainment, here.[URL]

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