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  • Magic Crafts

    Magic Crafts

    5 months ago

    For those who wish to crafts a part of their favorite magical tale...These are three DIY examples to create a piece of fantasy.

  • 3 Fun and Simple DIY Easter Crafts: Eggs, Baskets, and Wreaths

    3 Fun and Simple DIY Easter Crafts: Eggs, Baskets, and Wreaths

    5 weeks ago

    Here are three DIY creations for the spring holiday. Simple and fun to make, these crafts add a little color to Easter.

  • DIY Jar Crafts

    DIY Jar Crafts

    5 months ago

    There are so many creative projects that can be made with mason jars. Here are three fun and easy ways to use old jars to make decorations.

  • Phantom's Dream

    Phantom's Dream

    7 months ago

    The dark corridors of the Opera House holds many secrets. A young soprano encounters the phantom that dwells within the mysterious passages, during a nighttime encounter.

  • St. Patrick's Day DIY Crafts

    St. Patrick's Day DIY Crafts

    7 months ago

    Here are three DIY green crafts for St. Patrick's Day. If anyone wants the luck of the Irish this holiday, celebrate with these green creations.

  • The Difference Between the Shamrock and Four-Leaf Clover

    The Difference Between the Shamrock and Four-Leaf Clover

    7 months ago

    They are both green! The Shamrock and the Four-Leaf Clover, are both members of the clover plant. They are commonly associated with each other, especially on St. Patrick's Day. Even though they are similar, there is a distinct difference between the lucky charm and Irish symbol.

  • Valentine's Day DIY Crafts

    Valentine's Day DIY Crafts

    7 months ago

    These DIY crafts are charming creations to make this Valentine's Day to give to your sweetheart or complement a Valentine party. Learn how to craft these hearts for the most romantic day of the year.

  • DIY Harry Potter Bookmarks

    DIY Harry Potter Bookmarks

    8 months ago

    Crafting a house colored bookmark is a lot of fun for any Harry Potter fan. Here are three tutorials for making Harry Potter bookmarks.

  • Origins of Popular Christmas Carols

    Origins of Popular Christmas Carols

    7 weeks ago

    Christmas carols are a part of the classic tradition of Christmas. The origins of some of these merry tunes are intriguing and mysterious in their creation.

  • DIY Candy Cane Bookmarks

    DIY Candy Cane Bookmarks

    10 months ago

    Fun and easy DIY Candy Cane bookmarks, they are a lot of fun to craft during the Christmas season. A non edible creation of these traditional treats, to be placed in the pages of a Christmas story.

  • 4

    "The Phantom of the Opera": The Novel Versus the Musical

    5 months ago

    The Phantom of the Opera is a tale of a masked, musical genius haunting the walls of the Opera House. Gaston Leroux's book was adapted to the popular musical in 1986. However, there is distinct difference between Andrew Lloyd Webber's adaptation and the gothic novel.

  • Jack-O'-Lantern-Themed Bookmarks

    Jack-O'-Lantern-Themed Bookmarks

    10 months ago

    These three DIY Halloween bookmarks are easy to make and a lot of fun.

  • Great Flash Mob Songs

    Great Flash Mob Songs

    12 months ago

    Flash Mobs are a lot of fun! Spontaneously dancing is great surprise for spectators. This is a list of great songs that make those listening want to break out and dance.

  • DIY Phantom of the Opera Bookmarks

    DIY Phantom of the Opera Bookmarks

    12 months ago

    The fascinating tale of a masked genius. These are three DIY ways to make Phantom of the Opera themed bookmarks. Include these crafts in the pages of your favorite novel.

  • Three Ways to Make DIY Tassels

    Three Ways to Make DIY Tassels

    13 months ago

    Tassels are a great addition to many craft projects. Tassels can be pricey, especially if quite a few are needed. Here are three ways to make your own tassels.

  • Twilight Fan Theories

    Twilight Fan Theories

    13 months ago

    Twilight is the unique tale of vampires and star crossed romance. For twifans the plot begins and ends with intriguing twist and turns. However there is some fan theories that seem to haunt the Twilight saga. Each inspired by a mystery of the plot.

  • DIY Tic-Tac-Toe Crafts

    DIY Tic-Tac-Toe Crafts

    13 months ago

    Tic-tac-toe is a very old and popular game. It is a great way to pass the time and have fun. Here are three different ways to craft this classic game.

  • The Manchineel Tree

    The Manchineel Tree

    14 months ago

    Plants are a beautiful part of nature, a benefit to life on earth. They affect the food supply and the air we breath. The Manchineel Tree is a poisonous example of plant life. Marked in the Guiness World Book of Records as the most dangerous tree on earth, one bite of its fruit may be fatal.

  • Twilight Crafts

    Twilight Crafts

    14 months ago

    These are fun crafts for Twilight fans. Perfect for Twilight themed fun!

  • The White Peacock

    The White Peacock

    14 months ago

    The White Peacock is as vain as it's colorful counterpart. Truly a magnificent bird, bearing the dazzling color of white.

  • Tips for Keeping a Bare-Bottom Tank

    Tips for Keeping a Bare-Bottom Tank

    3 months ago

    There is much debate over the pros versus the cons of keeping a substrate-free aquarium. Here are some tips to keeping a bare-bottom tank and still reap the benefits of an aquarium with substrate.

  • Edward Cullen Facts

    Edward Cullen Facts

    16 months ago

    Edward Cullen is a fictional character of the twilight novel. He is a vampire, in a world of non traditional vampires. Even if you are an avid Twilight fan, you may not know these facts about Edward Cullen.

  • Fun Twilight Crafts

    Fun Twilight Crafts

    16 months ago

    Fun crafts for Twilight fans throwing a party, or just crafting Twilight themed trinkets.

  • Growing Romaine Lettuce From Cuttings

    Growing Romaine Lettuce From Cuttings

    6 months ago

    Romaine lettuce is one of those vegetables that is easy to regrow from cuttings. Just one bunch of lettuce, some soil, and this leafy green can be added to the garden with hardly any fuss.

  • Vegetables that Grow best in Pots

    Vegetables that Grow best in Pots

    16 months ago

    There are some tasty vegetables that are easy to nurture and even thrive in garden pots. A container garden can be conveniently kept on a balcony, or small space. Here are tips to choose the right edible plant for a pot.

  • The Twilight Film Versus the Book

    The Twilight Film Versus the Book

    16 months ago

    Movies make changes from the books that inspire them, because time and artistic licenses play a role in their creation. This is a list of the differences between the Twilight novel versus the movie. The changes from the book to the big screen has sometimes caused controversy among fans.

  • 3 Fun Harry Potter Crafts: A Keychain, a Bookmark, and a Howler

    3 Fun Harry Potter Crafts: A Keychain, a Bookmark, and a Howler

    17 months ago

    Plan a fun afternoon of DIY Harry Potter crafts! Have a little part of the magical world of Hogwarts with you wherever you go.

  • Novels Inspired by Dreams

    Novels Inspired by Dreams

    17 months ago

    For many authors inspiration is a gift that is given as a beautiful thought or an unraveling plot for a book. Curiously inspiration has come in the form of a dream to some writers. From classics to thrillers, this is a list of famous books that were inspired by dreams.

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    "The Phantom of the Opera" Crafts: Keychain, Bookmark, Invitation Card

    17 months ago

    The "Phantom of the Opera" is a tragic tale of mystery, romance, and music. If you're a fan, these crafts are perfect creations to remind you of the musical genius who haunted the trapdoors of the Opera Garnier.

  • The Best Aquatic Plants for Goldfish

    The Best Aquatic Plants for Goldfish

    3 months ago

    It can be difficult to keep aquatic plants with goldfish. Here is a selection of live plants that can be placed in the aquarium with goldfish. These water plants will help keep fins happy.

  • Easy Herbs to Grow in the Garden

    Easy Herbs to Grow in the Garden

    5 months ago

    Herbs are popular plants to sprout in the garden. This is a list of easy herbs to grow for the beginner gardener. Enjoy fresh herbs for salads and favorite dishes.

  • 3 Twilight-Inspired DIY Bookmark Crafts

    3 Twilight-Inspired DIY Bookmark Crafts

    18 months ago

    If you are a fan of the Twilight saga, then you probably know the plot by heart. Here are three Twilight-themed bookmarks you can DIY to dress up your book collection!

  • Garden Tips: Feeding Soil

    Garden Tips: Feeding Soil

    18 months ago

    Here are every day ingredients from the kitchen, that are extremely beneficial to garden soil. These are easy ingredients to save for the tasty garden.

  • Bird of Paradise Facts

    Bird of Paradise Facts

    18 months ago

    The Bird of Paradise is one of the most unique bird species on earth. The beauty of this bird is extraordinary. They are an example of evolutionary adaptation.

  • The Easter Egg

    The Easter Egg

    18 months ago

    The Easter egg is an ancient tradition, that our ancestors creatively crafted for the spring celebration. Decorating the egg is one of the oldest customs of civilization.

  • 3 Creative DIY Harry Potter Crafts

    3 Creative DIY Harry Potter Crafts

    19 months ago

    It's a fun time to be a Harry Potter fan. Here are three simple DIYs that require few materials and allow you to dabble in the magical world of witches and wizards.

  • Take Me Out to the Ballgame

    Take Me Out to the Ballgame

    7 months ago

    "Take Me Out To the Ballgame" is a tune that was written in 1908. It was so catchy, it is now sung in virtually every baseball game in America. The inspiration for the song was charming in it's creation.

  • Wearing Green on St. Patrick's Day

    Wearing Green on St. Patrick's Day

    6 weeks ago

    Wearing green is the most popular way to celebrate St. Patrick's day. Originally, green had nothing to do with the foundation of the holiday. The tradition of wearing green came from the expression of Irish pride.

  • 'Twilight' Spin Offs

    'Twilight' Spin Offs

    8 months ago

    For fans of the Twilight series, there are Twilight spin offs that can captivated you. These plots truly belong in the Twilight universe.

  • Valentine Rose Messages

    Valentine Rose Messages

    20 months ago

    One of the most popular gifts to give your valentine is one of roses. A bouquet of roses is meant to be given to convey a romantic message. Roses in fact communicate a specific meaning.

  • Baseball Superstitions

    Baseball Superstitions

    7 months ago

    Baseball is a sport which is full of nostalgic history and American culture. Baseball is also full of superstitions that baseball players, team members, managers, and fans take seriously.

  • 10 Harry Potter Fan Theories

    10 Harry Potter Fan Theories

    3 days ago

    For those who are into the Harry Potter franchise, there are elaborate fan theories floating around out there. Some are just plain crazy, and others give pause and sound as if they could be possible.

  • Facts of the Black Swan

    Facts of the Black Swan

    22 months ago

    The Swan is thought of as a beautiful aquatic bird, that is white. What about the black swan? The black swan bears a completely different color than it's white relative and is just as impressive.

  • Planting Garlic at Home

    Planting Garlic at Home

    5 months ago

    Garlic is a tasty addition to our favorite recipes. A place for growing this vegetable can be made in your own backyard.

  • The Vatican Library

    The Vatican Library

    22 months ago

    It is one of the largest libraries in the world. It is an arsenal of the oldest treasures and knowledge protected by the Vatican.

  • Which Vegetables Can Grow in Winter?

    Which Vegetables Can Grow in Winter?

    5 months ago

    The winter months can be difficult for a garden, but there are some vegetables that thrive in the wintry season.

  • Inspiration for A Christmas Carol

    Inspiration for A Christmas Carol

    11 months ago

    A Christmas Carol is a timeless classic created by Charles Dickens. He wished to strike a blow on behalf of the children abused in factories. The story will forever haunt our homes.

  • The Legend of the Blue Rose

    The Legend of the Blue Rose

    10 months ago

    The blue rose has always caused intrigue in myths and legend as a result of the human wish to seek the unattainable.

  • The Meaning of Roses

    The Meaning of Roses

    23 months ago

    To hand your true love a rose is romantic. There was time when it was common place to deliver messages of endearment with roses. It is known as the language of roses.

  • The Riddle of the Voynich Manuscript

    The Riddle of the Voynich Manuscript

    10 months ago

    The Voynich Manuscript is an ancient relic that no one can decipher. It is said to be the most mysterious book in the world. After a century the riddle of the manuscript has left historians and experts bewildered.

  • The Easy Way to Grow Green Onions

    The Easy Way to Grow Green Onions

    5 months ago

    One of the easiest ways to grow green onions is start with the ones you buy at the local grocery store. Green onions may be grown year-round for your favorite recipe.

  • The Mystery Of Crop Circles

    The Mystery Of Crop Circles

    12 months ago

    Crop Circles have been a source of fascination to our collective consciousness. Mysteriously there still is no conclusive explanation for what has caused this global phenomenon.

  • Real Facts About The Phantom of The Opera

    Real Facts About The Phantom of The Opera

    5 months ago

    Gaston Leroux Wrote The Phantom of The Opera a hundred years ago. It is a gothic novel placed under fiction. However some facts of the legend are laced with truth.


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