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Deborah is a stay at home mom and Fitness coach whose passion is getting healthy, learning to become more confident and learning to myself despite my flaws.

When she started her weight loss journey, she hated her body and wanted more than anything to change it. In the past she used diet pills to get quick results which only lead to her gaining the weight plus more back.

In her attempt to lose weight, naturally she turned to diet pills again, but in her search for the perfect one; she came across an article that not only changed her mind about using them but gave her the wake up call she needed.

This article literally changed her life for the better. After reading the article, she immediately signed up for one of the programs the author was selling and now she's hooked. She will never go back to that girl who took shortcuts with her health.

When I say it changed her life, I mean physically, mentally and it gives her financial hope for the future. She believes in this program so much, she decided to become a coach so that she can help others moms who struggle with losing weight after having kids, lack confidence and want to learn to love themselves. Her goal is to help them see that not only is it possible, but its life changing. Will you join her?

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