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I love dogs, writing and I am not bent on world domination YET anyway. All I want in my little space in this vast universe and my perfectly delish junk food. I may not be a friendly person if you try to convert me to your religion. I love to write about -- yes --dogs, travel, the funny side of things, and I can write like Forrest Gump too. I love normal fruitcakes and those glazed with nuts , even when it's not Christmas and NOTHING makes me merrier than people who can make me laugh. I do not take myself or ANYTHING too seriously BUT I do love ME (see. there's a difference). I believe in laughter therapy, holistic healing and HOPE. My dog's name is Faith, however, and at the moment I am not in love with anyone, the world, and am basically anti-social, unless you love music, art and animals.



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