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  • Autumn wind, fallen leaves and wind chime...

    Autumn wind, fallen leaves and wind chime...

    6 years ago

    it had been like that for so long that she doesn’t really know when she actually noticed it.

  • .. May be some other date!

    .. May be some other date!

    8 years ago

    "Do you think, it’s looking nice?”-- Roop quizzically looked through the mirror while appreciating her new hair style. “Looking perfect maam”-- the new hair dresser of the aristocrat parlor answered with a half smile. “Don’t you...

  • The fable never told

    The fable never told

    8 years ago

    It’s so cold here – the little frog quivered while sitting alone at the river bank. The lonely moon was shining at the full grandeur and the smell of the rain drenched soil filled the air; sitting alone at the bank while lifting her nose up in...

  • DEATH- Desperately Eagerly Awaiting The Hour (of eternity)

    DEATH- Desperately Eagerly Awaiting The Hour (of eternity)

    8 years ago

    The last metro left the station making a deafening noise. Roop tried to look outside the enclosed glass windows as the fag trail of the giant train left alone the sombre station for the night. She closed her eyes to shun out from the eyes of the co...

  • Memorabilia


    8 years ago

    “The news shook me from within. It almost paralyzed me with its profound void. For a moment I felt as if the world has collapsed, the crimson gladiolas standing tall at my garden, as if all turned into blood drop. I tried to cry, tried my best to...

  • The inevitable happened

    The inevitable happened

    9 years ago

    Yes , finally the inevitable happened. No, the moon did not stop shining, the stars did not fade away either. In fact the flowers did not turn into blood drop as their dream shattered and ended not with a bang but with a whimper! Tunes of desire,...

  • Secret Deal

    Secret Deal

    9 years ago

    “And from this moment you are free Mrs. Chakraborty” – the lawyer said with a sigh of relief. “Thanks Raj – thanks for whatever you have done.. thanks for all your support ! “ Polashpriya looked deeply into the lawyer’s eyes. Those...

  • A date with the date

    A date with the date

    9 years ago

    "And when the Goddess undertook the mighty task of mending that huge dome of Ithaca she ordered for 54000 stones of which she used 53999 stones and one single piece was left in sheer oblivion in the shadows of the sombre mountain"--- Roop looked...

  • Portrait and landscapes

    Portrait and landscapes

    10 years ago

    when the roads lead to nowhere... am sitting idle. Gazing at the pale moonless sky. It’s sure going to rain this night… I wish it rains.. I am sitting idle and joining dots. One dot after the other. The dots are appearing and...

  • The Night Of Falls

    The Night Of Falls

    10 years ago

    Was it a trap? The color of the horizon changed from yellow to orange, from orange to red , from red to purple and then from purple to the midnight blue. The evening has lazily glided to meet the cozy night. Lying in the sheer lightlessness...

  • one night @ Rajdhani

    one night @ Rajdhani

    10 years ago

    To the dream undreamt! ‘Hurry up Roop. Its just ten more minutes we have in hand .. Rajdhani won’t wait for u and me….’ Jojo almost dragged me out of the waiting room… although I know he is unnecessarily taking tension yet I have to hurry...

  • Tear in my wine

    Tear in my wine

    10 years ago

    Poison! The night is so dark, lightless. Lying here I can see the pale moon hanging loosely mocking the seeping darkness of the night sky. I am lying alone.. waiting for death to come. Staring at the tawny moon I am joining dots.. one dot then...

  • To My Unborn Wish.....

    To My Unborn Wish.....

    10 years ago

    She is still a part of me... I sit and join dots I join dots and I remember When you were still a part of me.. I try not to remember.. I try not to think of the days when you were a part of me.. only for a while ... You were not given any...

  • Letter From A Disabled Moter

    Letter From A Disabled Moter

    10 years ago

    The letter was never sent.. My Dear Melissa, Each time I see you Melissa my heart leaps, my lip quivers. The moment I see you walking from your kids chair to the near by garden I cannot restrain my tears. As I see you taking each uncertain step...

  • At Night When The Moon Hung Alone...

    At Night When The Moon Hung Alone...

    10 years ago

    when the moon hung alone! What is that call the sea-wind sings? The old, songs that it breathes.. It seems to breathe those million songs Amidst the luster of sweet peas, That spreads the message of hopes..’ As night sat beside me I...

  • Beautiful: who ? She or He ?

    Beautiful: who ? She or He ?

    10 years ago

    This hub is for my friend, with whom I have spent countless moments fighting over this trifle question, BEAUTIFUL, HE OR SHE! I am a woman so I always said “we are the fairest of all” My friend has passed away and what hangs now is just the...

  • Coffee Break Story

    Coffee Break Story

    10 years ago

    It is when at the secret valleys of the hilltop, darkness moved as if a veil, it is when the blue bird used to sing the song it had never sung before … we two, Roop and I used to hurry to the hill to gather Mayflowers. We both loved Mayflowers…...

  • Take a break: Have some curry!

    Take a break: Have some curry!

    10 years ago

    The researchers of America declared the profound health benefits of curry, after they had conclusive evidence. The research showed that the essential curry ingredient turmeric actually possesses the power to even cure cancer.  It is also said...

  • Indian Sari, a tale retold in fabric

    Indian Sari, a tale retold in fabric

    10 years ago

    Outstanding, feminine, gorgeous and beautiful, Indian sarees are all these. The nine-yard cloth has perhaps gestated from the loom of the fanciful weaver who so very eloquently dreamt of the soft touch of a woman, he perhaps have felt the colors...

  • We Three!

    We Three!

    10 years ago

    Sadness, happiness and despair.. I was looking for help… I didn’t find him. I looked out for help in that silent lightlessness..  I cried out for him… but either he is non existent or has become deaf! Or may be he doesn’t find me......

  • Yoga, the secret of postures in keeping you healthy

    Yoga, the secret of postures in keeping you healthy

    10 years ago

    yoga, stay healthy, stay fit! Yoga is the conventional corporeal and cerebral disciplines, which aims at keeping both the mind and the body healthy and fit. With its history rooted in the ancient scriptures the yoga asanas or yoga postures...

  • Coffee to my tongue

    Coffee to my tongue

    10 years ago

    coffee to my tongue Why I am walking barefoot ? like no one around? The night like coffee to my tongue ... waking me up without the sound ... I map the words out Will you say them.? "Yes" said Night! As I was walking amidst the lightlessness...

  • Indian Music: The Tradition Of Sublimity

    Indian Music: The Tradition Of Sublimity

    10 years ago

    Music with its sheer sublimity is indeed a journey to the world of spirituality. Since the long gone days music in India has remained as one of the primary means of assaying refuge from the world of mundane reality to the world of tune, harmony,...


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