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"Finding himself unemployed due to a faltering economy after having been a Chef for twelve years, Delaney decided that a career change was long overdue. Not exactly excited with the prospect of starting over at the bottom in a new industry, he decided to return to college and this time around make a serious go of it. Of course, the same dilemna faced Delaney as he enrolled - he still didn't know what he wanted to be when he grows up. He enrolled anyways and all it took was a few good English classes for him to see that he is destined to write. Being an avid reader and an observant person, he has started writing and, though not yet published, those few who have had the opportunity to read his humorous short stories and satires have requested more from his creative twisted mind."

Yes, I'm back in school and have decided to pursue a degree in journalism. I'm still not exactly sure where I'll end up as far as employment goes but I am, much like a Chef that lovingly sharpens a $100 knife before carving into that Chatueabriand, honing my skills as a creative writer. Most of my material comes from some of the absolute nut-jobs I've had the privilage to work with and the remainder of the material coming from the fact that I've addled my brain with more chemicals than I probably should have. I can't promise that my writing will be inspirational, heart-warming, Oprah's Book Club type of stuff but I can promise that long after you walk away from the screen, your mind will forever be scarred with the ingenious literary devices and creativity behind my words. Salud!

Be sure to come check out Chef Delaney's Cutting Board for some entertaining tales of life as a Chef, or follow me on Facebook.

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