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    Herbal Mojo: The Use of Herbs in Healing and Magick

    4 years ago

    An herb is a plant that is valued for qualities such as medicinal properties, flavor, scent, or spiritual uses. General usage differs between culinary herbs and medicinal herbs.

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    Black Hawk, The Watchman on the Wall

    7 years ago

    His Indian name is Ma-ka-tai-me-she-kia-kiak, or Black Sparrow Hawk, and he was born in 1767 at Saukenuk, the principle city of the Sauk tribe located along the Rock River. Black Hawk was born into the Thunder clan. He chose to have only one wife,...

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    Saint Expedite, A Favorite New Orleans Saint

    6 years ago

    Saint Expedite is the patron saint of those who need fast solutions to problems, who strive to put an end to procrastination and delays, and who seek financial success.

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    Five Rituals for the Secret of Eternal Youth

    9 years ago

    There's an old Indian adage that goes... "When the student is ready, the teacher appears." Nothing happens by chance. If you lack energy and stamina, have failing eyesight, poor memory, cloudy thinking, and just generally feel blah, you may find...

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    Cursed Voodoo Dolls

    5 years ago

    Someone gave you a Voodoo doll and ever since you have experienced a series of unfortunate events. You wonder to yourself, could this doll be cursed?

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    The Wish Tree

    4 years ago

    A Wish Tree is an individual tree that is used as an object of wishes and offerings. These trees are identified as possessing a special religious or spiritual value. Believers make offerings in order to gain from nature the fulfillment of a wish.

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    Analyze Your Handwriting

    7 years ago

    Handwriting analysis is a fun way to figure out what makes you tick and to determine your major personality traits.

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    Supernatural Shakespeare Quotes

    3 years ago

    William Shakespeare contributed many phrases to common English, from the famous "To be, or not to be" to a few lesser known, but still commonly used, phrases in everyday English.

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    How to Make Your Own Ouija Board

    19 months ago

    Making a basic Ouija board is a relatively simple task. One can be made out of literally any material: scrap wood, cardboard, whatever your flavor—anything goes. Read on because I am about to tell you how to make your very own Ouija board.

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    Ritual Symbols of the Voudou Spirits: Voudou Veves

    21 months ago

    A Veve is a religious symbol for a voudou "loa" (or lwa) and serves as their representation during rituals.

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    Who Are the Seven African Powers?

    4 years ago

    The 7 African Powers are seven of the most well-known and celebrated deities (orishas) of the Yoruban pantheon. The orishas are common to all faiths of Yoruban origin, although they are not always considered to be the same deities. In Santeria,...

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    Bottle Trees: Southern Spirit Catchers with African Roots

    3 years ago

    It used to be that you could see bottle trees scattered all over the Southern landscape. Usually in the country or along the bayous of Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennesee, and Alabama, bottle trees are a colorful folk tradition with the purpose of...

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    Norse Magic

    3 years ago

    Mention the word "norse" and it is sure to conjure up images of vikings, dragon ships, and trolls. But in order to understand Norse magic, it is essential to become familiar with Norse mythology and Norse paganism, the pre-Christian spiritual tradition of the Northern Europeans.

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    Marie Laveau

    4 years ago

    This lens pays homage to the quintessential Voodoo Queen of New Orleans - Mam'zelle Marie Laveau. For the most enjoyable, funky, voodoo perusing experience, play the following song by Redbone while reading this lens, and don't forget to leave your...

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    Exu, Brazilian Spirit of the Crossroads

    2 months ago

    In the Afro-Brazilian tradition commonly referred to as Umbanda, Exu are considered a family of spirit-deities representing choices, possibilities and balance.

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    Let's Make Voodoo Poppets!

    6 years ago

    Human-like forms made of clay, stone, cloth, wax, roots, and wood meant to contain the essence or power of particular spirits can be found from early Paleolithic cultures to contemporary society.

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    Papa Legba and Other Spirits of the Crossroads

    19 months ago

    Papa Legba has his origins with the Fon people of Dahomey (in present-day Benin, Africa) and is said to be the guardian and trickster of the crossroads and entrances.

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    10 years ago

    In the Voodoo Pantheon, there is an important group of female loa (goddesses)whose first name is Erzulie. While all of them share in their role as Goddess of love, art, and sex, each has additional areas of life which is theirs to defend and assist....

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    HOW TO USE A VOODOO DOLL: Free Voodoo Doll Spells

    10 years ago

    Did you know that some of the most popular search terms on the subject of Voodoo includes Voodoo dolls, how to make Voodoo dolls, and of course, how to use Voodoo dolls? Well, I figured that since I have numerous lenses on the topic of making Voodoo...

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    How To Make A Voodoo Doll

    7 years ago

    Why make a voodoo doll? Because making Voodoo dolls can be a lot of fun. It is an activity that elicits laughter and is food for some great and potentially therapeutic conversation among family and friends. Invariably, the stereotypical reasons as...

  • The Mystical, Magical Greyhound

    The Mystical, Magical Greyhound

    3 years ago

    Depicted as symbols of divine gods, sacred animals, and domesticated friends since the beginning of time, greyhounds can be found in art, myth, magic and religion, as well as the homes and laps of devoted caretakers.

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    Hoodoo, Voodoo, Magick, and Ju Ju

    4 years ago

    This article will provide the reader with a basic understanding of the terms hoodoo, voodoo, magick, and ju ju in the New Orleans tradition.


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