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Denmarkguy profile image

Peter Messerschmidt (Denmarkguy)

Joined 11 years ago from Port Townsend




Also follow me on:

"Write what you know."

This is one of the few pieces of advice from college creative writing courses I still carry with me. Although I spent some years as a write-to-order technical writer, I am now back to writing only about my interests, passions and topics/fields in which I am a hands-on expert.

The Internet has a proliferation of content, but sadly, not much of it is useful or quality content. I'm trying to do my little part to create information that's actually useful and/or interesting to people... something more than the 768,457th iteration of "Why Cell Phones are Useful."

So, there are certain things I know about (or so people tell me), and those will generally be the subject matter of my Hubs:

► Highly Sensitive People
► Writing, especially for the Internet
► Beach Combing, and particularly sea glass
► Being a one-person business
► Stamp Collecting (aka "Philately")
► Buying and selling (especially!) collectibles on eBay
► Psychology, Metaphysics and Self-Development
► The psychology of personality typing: The Enneagram, Myers-Briggs, Big Five, Human Design and others.

At least I intend to have categories for each of the above headings.

In other news, I'm a 50-ish Danish national living in the Pacific Northwest. Although I still call myself Danish, I have actually lived in the US (30+ years) longer than anywhere else. In September 2006 I left the physical, political and psychic climates of Texas behind and moved to a greener and cooler life in the small historic hamlet of Port Townsend, Washington, where I now live close to the ocean and mountains. I am joyously married to the great Love of my life, whom I have known since my teenage years. I like cats. They moderately tolerate me living in their house. We have a symbiotic relationship that involves hairballs, litter boxes, photography and relaxation.

Interests include understanding highly sensitive people, adult giftedness, Love, human relationships, the enneagram, temperament theory, nonduality, the psychology of marketing and economics, beach combing, reading, writing, collecting stamps, as well as the general weirdness of life. I make ends meet by peddling words, unsolicited advice, friendship, beach trash, rare postage stamps, sea glass, vintage collectibles and other odds'n'ends.

In short, I "play with my hobbies" for a living. I feel blessed to be able to largely play with my pastimes, and am grateful to live a reality that involves making a large part of my living through walking on the beach for many hours, "finding things."

I prefer a fairly simple and largely non-materialistic lifestyle, but I'm not entirely broke, I don't "mooch" off others, and really don't give a rat's hind quarters about "keeping up with the Joneses." I eat red meat, but have never met the Sasquatch. I love autumn leaves, quiet rain, the ocean, mountains, mist, making out and strong coffee. I don't like "group think." In fact, I generally reject it... and often rattle a few mainstream "cages" in the process.

As mentioned before, my (primary) passion-- albeit rarely for money-- is educating and connecting HSPs (Highly Sensitive People) through writing, workshops and facilitating groups. My current "pet project" is a social network for HSPs living in the Pacific Northwest. If you're reading this, and happen to be an HSP in Washington, Oregon or British Columbia, I'd like to extend an invitation for to you to join the Northwest HSP community.

You can also find me on Facebook and on Twitter. Do say "hi," but if you want to friend me, please remember to mention you came from HubPages. To read some of my less formal musings about life as an HSP, please visit the HSP Notes Blog.

Thank you for reading!


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