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  • A to Z of Friendship Quotes

    A to Z of Friendship Quotes

    7 years ago

    A comprehensive list of quotes about friendship grouped alphabetically: Qualities of a true Friend; What is Friendship?; General Quotes about Friends & Friendship; Humorous Friendship Quotes; Proverbs

  • 2

    Minimalist Watches Available Online

    10 years ago

    A selection of watches chosen for their minimalistic style and function. The wrist watches here have been selected for their purity of design and function, featuring the minimum required to provide the basic purpose of a watch - to indicate the time.

  • James Bond 007 Rolex Watches - As Worn on Screen

    James Bond 007 Rolex Watches - As Worn on Screen

    10 years ago

    Rolex watches as worn by James Bond in the 007 movies, listed and described in chronological order from Dr.No to Licence to Kill. Like Bond his rolex watches were both tough and reliable.

  • Buy a Designer Can Opener online

    Buy a Designer Can Opener online

    7 years ago

    So why should a can opener be just a utilitarian design based on function only? Why can't a basic everyday kitchen implement be beautiful or sensuous to the touch; not an implement to be hidden away in a drawer, only to come out when needed, but an...

  • 4

    Marilyn Monroe - The Book Reader

    7 years ago

    Marilyn Monroe, known to the world as a Hollywood Star, a blonde bombshell, screen sex goddess, and less flatteringly, a dumb blonde; but to her impassioned fans and to intellectuals, they knew that there were brains behind the blonde. Marilyn...

  • Childrens Letters to Santa

    Childrens Letters to Santa

    9 years ago

    A selection of children's messages to Santa Clause, or Father Christmas, that will enchant you. Some will fill you with Christmas cheer, whilst others will leave you misty eyed. If you have trouble getting into the Christmas spirit, this is sure to be the cure.

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    A to Z of Love Quotes

    4 months ago

    This is a long list of quotes about love, from romantic quotes to humorous sayings and beyond.

  • Love is... 45 Years Old

    Love is... 45 Years Old

    7 years ago

    The delightful “Love is…” cartoons celebrated their 45th year of publication in 2015. The drawings featured a little boy and girl, representing adults, with “Love Is…”, in the upper-right corner, and the rest of the phrase appearing...

  • Size Does Matter (or, What Dress Size Are You Really?)

    Size Does Matter (or, What Dress Size Are You Really?)

    10 years ago

    You try a dress on in one shop and you are a size 10. You go into another shop and you are a size 12 or maybe a 38 if the store stocks European sizes. The question “Does it come in my size?” can result in total confusion, there is so much...

  • Pelican Wrecks Million Dollar Bugatti Veyron

    Pelican Wrecks Million Dollar Bugatti Veyron

    10 years ago

    The Bugatti Veyron, a perfectly balanced combination of high powered performance and sleek uncompromising design. An extraordinary automobile that can only be described in superlative terms. Even at a complete standstill the car’s enormous power...

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    How to Make Chocolate Crunchie Tiffin

    9 years ago

    A Chocoholics dream. This is my own variation of a traditional Tiffin recipe using bars of Cadbury’s Crunchie (chocolate covered bars of golden honeycomb). The origin of the word “tiffin”, used by the English in India, is said to come from...


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