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Devin Shakur is a divorced mother of two young adults and three grandchildren. Devin Shakur lives in the Triangle area of NC - Wally, NC baby! She is currently attempting to find her "authentic" smile.

The name Devin Shakur, a pseudonym for the writer (and her son's "government" name), tells a very raw and honest truth. Some may call it "speaking with two lips", but the writer asserts a very candid and straightforward honesty about who she is, who she was and what God is molding her to become.

"I don't claim perfection, because if I were perfect, you'd have to hang me on the cross and that would hurt. I've been hurt enough. God is still working on me."

Devin - It is of Irish and Gaelic origin, and its meaning is most commonly given as 'bard' or 'poet'.

The meaning of the name "Shakur" is grateful or thankful.

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