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I am a single father of two boys. The year 2009 was the toughest year of my life. I am excited about the new year and the new decade. 2009 was a year that had me fighting to save my home after a bitter divorce. A divorce which caused me to reflect on many things. I knew divorce was going to put my boys and I in a difficult situation. I opposed the divorce with every thing I had.

Divorce is tough for everyone involved. The kids endured the shattering of their family as they knew it. My ex wife looked at divorce as the end of her depression. Once divorce was final, I believe she thought her life would be stress free. My ex had a predisposition to looking at the future with rose colored glasses. I on the other hand looked at the future as a pragmatist. I always have. I know there are reasons that my ex sought divorce. I just wish she had looked at what the end result of divorce would bring. For her it brought bankruptcy, more depression, the need to move six times in a little over a year and a significant change in her standard of living.

For me divorce has brought almost everything I had anticipated. I lost 30 pounds as the divorce occurred. I couldn't eat or sleep. I worried about the future of the boys. Where would we live? How do I care for two boys and keep a full time job with an hour and half commute? How do I let them be involved in sports activities and be able to be there for practices and games when I also had to be at work in order to pay the bills? I still don't have answers to all these questions. I continue to feel the effect of divorce. The effect of divorce will continue to be a factor in the lives of my boys and I for years to come. I will learn to deal with these issues as they develop. I know that I am not the only one learning to cope. I see many great Hubs here and read as much as possible to help me get through the struggle.

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