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I am a single mother that likes the simple things in life. Paying little to have fun, new things to do and exciting places to go. I was born in Portland, OR and grew up in various states: Everette, WA..Sacramento, CA and here where I live now Wichita, KS. I love to travel and have seen many things and I hope that in my future that I am able to see more of the world.

I love to write about all kinds of things and I love for people to comment and have interest in what I write about. Many people said that I should get my things published and so here I am, trying my best to get known and noticed. I want to see what the world has to say about what I write.

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  • A short story

    A short story "Kari Lynn and the Vampire"

    6 years ago

    ( This pic was found on Google ) There is a tale told by the elderly about a young woman who was said to hold magnificent powers and strength. This woman was not a mythical creature, but a human being who studies the...

  • A short story

    A short story "The Great War Of Goliath"

    6 years ago

    In the beginning, There was a place that all dragons lived free and at peace. That was before the great war of eternal  damnation. This split dragons and separated them, sending them into different parts of the earth....

  • A Short Story

    A Short Story "The Tattered old Lady"

    6 years ago

    The cold triumphed the night, silence seemed to echo throughout the world planting an eerie clamor upon the near decayed earth. The flickering of the moons’ light shimmered past the many leaves from the old granddaddy...

  • A song

    A song "Vampire Fright"

    6 years ago

    ( This pic was found on Google ) The darkness  Is coming  I’m waiting  And I’m dieing inside Your bleeding  Its running I’m searching  Can I kill you tonight ( to night  ) (x2) I have no...

  • A poem

    A poem "Broken Heart"

    6 years ago

    ( This pic was found on Google ) Connected by the fates of love Hung from a broken tree of disaster Our hands cling together and hold each other for all time Not once did I skip a tear My heart beat matched your...

  • A Gothic style poem

    A Gothic style poem "Darkness Wonders"

    6 years ago

    ( this picture was found on Google) I see no place where darkness drowns T’ween dark and light the world’s my playground Catastrophes to end the living Believe in me believe my heresy Can you bleed to...