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  • A Christmas Thought for You

    A Christmas Thought for You

    11 years ago

    We take so much for granted especially over the festive season. The kids are adding daily to their wish lists. Gifts are beginning to pile under the tree. Delicious aromas are wafting from the kitchen. We adults are planning parties, huge...

  • What is Initiative?

    What is Initiative?

    5 years ago

    You have no work you need to earn but can't obtain employment so by thinking how and what to deciding and then making it happen that it is Initiative.



    11 years ago

    What can be done to stop these unscrupulous lurkers on the Net? My next few Blogs will be covering all that is being unleashed on the net to us the unsuspecting and innocent public. With the rising cost of living many people have to tighten their...

  • Amazingly Simple Home Remedies

    Amazingly Simple Home Remedies

    12 years ago

    All of us these days live a stressed life in one form or another whether we admit it or not. Sure there are many ways to de stress other than having to take chemical drugs. I myself switch over to my right brain and go from the sublime to the...

  • Tips on improving productivity in Africa

    Tips on improving productivity in Africa

    12 years ago

    Dakota Native American tribal wisdom, passed on from generation to generation, says: "When you discover that you are riding a dead horse, the best strategy is to dismount and get a different horse." However, in educative, corporate and...

  • Why is one forced to fuel corruption with traffice police in Africa

    Why is one forced to fuel corruption with traffice police in Africa

    12 years ago

    Do the Governments in Africa purposely setup systems with holes bigger than sieves? Is it a way of ensuring that their employees earn extra to supplement their meager incomes? In Africa each and everyway one turns even as a law abiding...

  • Are Your Hard Earned Donations Spent Correctly?

    Are Your Hard Earned Donations Spent Correctly?

    2 years ago

    Do you know how your donated funds are spent? Maybe it is time to start looking into how it is allocated as normally you will fund it is under the umbrella of administrative costs. Shocking.

  • Used Bottles

    Used Bottles

    5 years ago

    Being very concerned about trying to do my bit to stop the environment being so polluted with glass bottles lying around I experimented and finally found a solution not only to clean up but to make a small profitable home business.

  • The Evolution Revolution is about to begin

    The Evolution Revolution is about to begin

    12 years ago

    Is this yet another social network and games platform? Yes folks it is. However saying that please read all for a surprise in fact an evolution is in the making. Is this really something different? You bet it is!! The games are skill games...


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