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    Top 9 Super Miracles Performed on Earth

    12 months ago

    God's miracles are performed to manifest God's power of healing his creature. How many miracles were performed on earth? This is a question that might come up in the mind of everyone. The answer is that: there are so many miracles performed on earth but all are not written.

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    Poem: True Magic ‘Love’

    13 months ago

    Love is true magic. It turns some people into psychopaths, others believe it’s amazing and pulling them Without their free will cause it gives the best feeling. Love is a matter of heart felt for we can feel it but never see it; yet once you find it, it brings hope.

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    The Old Serpent and the Forbidden Fruit in the Garden of Eden

    13 months ago

    The Serpent and the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden are ones of the things that are still mysteries in this world while they are the ones that are clear and can be found in the Holy Bible written in different books of prophets and disciples.

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    The 3 Major Steps to Become a Christian

    13 months ago

    Many people think that once they are baptized into water, being a preacher, attending church services regularly, taking communion and fulfilling other conditions required by churches as organizations to its members is an evidence that they are Christians. Becoming a Christian is a process.

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    5 Major Sources of Happiness for Africans

    14 months ago

    People are different basing on their culture, region, family background and education background. what influence their happiness may be common or different. Mostly what influence happiness to Africans are marriage, children, relatives, success and friends.

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    Poem: The King’s Grace

    14 months ago

    This poem '' The King's Grace'' concerns my life as a deceitful human a human full of conspiracies, a human full of hate and vengeance a walking robot with no conscience, known for being as the villain, but that life came to change. Now I am a saved man who recognise what Jesus did at Calvary.

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    Poem: Diamond Reins

    14 months ago

    Forever I will be grateful, For the greatness of harshness, The harshness full of great love, The love that pulled me back, Back from my up scaled spirits, Bringing me down to mother earth, And pushing me forward, Pushing me to spring back to life, Pushing me to race fully forward, With all my for

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    Poem: A Farewell

    14 months ago

    To my dearest friend, Today I woke again gaining pain, The pain of losing a walking stick, That supported me throughout the rain, The stick that protected me in the night, The one that fought for me at my lowest.

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    Poem: A New Season

    14 months ago

    A New Season poem, shows that, either poor or rich, young or mature, men or women, seasons change to all of us. Our mood changes, our perspectives changes, our plans change, All things change in our life, and seasons are an example of this undeniable rule of life. Our life is not static.

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    Poem: Shadows

    15 months ago

    I’m caught at last, I’m imprisoned finally, I’m held hostage totally, It’s my reality now. I’m no longer my own master but I am a slave of my master, I forever thought I mastered it but I failed to figure it out, That every step I took stepping in the road, Heading in a dark but lit alley.


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