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In a generic sense a bard is an epic author, singer, narrator or poet. In medieval times a trained bard was also a teacher, scholar, historian and in many ways a “Jack of all trades”.

So, a Digital Bard would be someone who uses a computer (the digital part) to write and tell stories, teach and share information and let’s not forget, to learn. That fits me to the tee.

I am mostly self educated and have been self-employed most of my adult life. Home schooling, homesteading, home birth, off grid living, just about anything computer related, raising purebred dogs and a variety of other farm animals, and 5 kids are just a few of the experiences that have filled my life that I think are important enough to share. ,

As I pursue my interests in breeding exotic birds, laying ceramic tiles, becoming more self-sufficient and better at practicing sustainable living practices, playing instruments, singing, crafts, midwifery, animal husbandry, internet marketing, network marketing, grandchildren, miniature figurine painting, and cooking (just to name a few), I will share all those experiences with you too.

I invite you to come back and visit my Hubpages often. Join my fan club and get notified when new hubs are posted and most of all, share them with your friends and family.

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    First Aid Basics: Bug Bites & Stings

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    First Aid Basics: Broken Bones

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    Knowing the basic first aid techniques for handling broken bones or fractures could mean the difference between a complete recovery and total disability or even death.

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    How To Build An Earthship

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