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First off thank you for visiting my profile,

I am just embarking on a new Hubpages Traffic Challange, take a look and let me know if you think if I can do it, and feel free to lend your support.

if you are not a member of Hubpages, join they are a great community and allow you to flex your creative muscle and write about subjects you're passionate about! If that wasn't enough you can make some money too. So why wait sign up now, just

join here

fill in the simple form and start writing,I look forward to reading your work. If you want any help give me a shout or ask any other member of the community most are welcoming and happy to pass on their expertise.

Moving on I have many loves including, business, web development, physics, geology, rock climbing, travel amongst others so expect to see Hubs about these and many other topics from me.

NEW: I have just started a new site on startup business called the Business start up Hub I would greatly appreciate any comments, help or advice from fellow hubbers on this.

Follow me on Twitter just search for dipless

I am currently writing a blog about start-up businesses and business plans so if your interested please follow http://start-upbusinessplan.blogspot.com

Also I think my best hub series is the Quantum Physics ones please check them out here: http://dipless.hubpages.com/hub/Quantum-Physics

Finally just want to let you know about some of my favourite hubs and you should check them out:

The Life on Mars debate

How to Make Money with a Blog WITHOUT Trying to Make Money

72 Places to Get Amazing Backlinks

9 Awesome Twitter Analytics & Statistics Tools

How To Make Chocolate From Scratch At Home

What are Cells Made Of - Eukaryotic Animal Cell Structure

Be sure to check them out.

Happy Hubbing

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      • Weekend Traffic

        Weekend Traffic

        5 years ago

        Hi, I know that traffic over the weekend drops, mine currently drops somewhere between 20-35%, just wanted to see how other hubbers fared. Also wondering if anybody has any tips to increasing weekend traffic with...

      • Clicks from Organic Search Challenge

        Clicks from Organic Search Challenge

        5 years ago

        Howdie all,I have decided that I want to be a glutton for punishment and I am setting my self a personal Challenge. I want to get from 150 clicks from organic searches to 1500 in 12 months. I have made a hub about this...

      • Links have lines through them

        Links have lines through them

        4 years ago

        I have lines through links on my profile, for instance to other hubbers I am following, on some of the forum threads I am following, has anybody else have this or know what it is?Thank you

      • Number of Video Clicks

        Number of Video Clicks

        5 years ago

        Sorry if this has been discussed in the recent past. However I think it would be useful to see the number of times users have clicked on the video links within your hub and if possible how long they played it for, this...

      • Doubled my traffic in a month

        Doubled my traffic in a month

        5 years ago

        Have just been looking at my analytics in some detail and happy to say that I have double my traffic in a month, with a 65% increase in Google organics, pretty happy with that, just got to keep it up. Started to do this...

      • Detailed feedback sought

        Detailed feedback sought

        5 years ago

        I have been around a little while, although I am only now really looking into freelance writing, I'm starting my own websites and lot's of other things which all require content.Now I know that my writing isn't the best...

      • New Website - Interviews with Entrepreneurs

        New Website - Interviews with Entrepreneurs

        5 years ago

        I am doing some interviews with some successful entrepreneurs to use on my new website as inspiration stories to help encourage aspiring business owners, has anyone ever done anything like this and have any tips on...

      • The Music Game

        The Music Game

        5 years ago

        The game is very simple - I give the name of a song title and group/artist, the next person takes ONE word from EITHER song OR group/artist and uses it as a link to another song - group/artist (with me so far?)i.e.By...

      • The Importance of a Summary?

        The Importance of a Summary?

        5 years ago

        The questions in the title, however I shall elaborate a little. What are peoples findings with regards to writing summaries, do they increase traffic? or do you use them as another area to use for your keywords?Are...

      • Problem with image upload

        Problem with image upload

        5 years ago

        Whenever I try and put an image into a hub from the internet it is leaving the bottom area grey, is there a known bug or issue at the moment, only noticed this after I published a hub :s oooops!

      • 30 Hubs in 30 days -  Personal Challange

        30 Hubs in 30 days - Personal Challange

        5 years ago

        Hi, I'm going to attempt a personal 30 hubs in 30 days to give me a big boost towards my 100 hubs in 2012. I think I'm going to finalise my pregnancy and food hubs and a few of my quantum physics hubs, not the highest...

      • Food Hub

        Food Hub

        5 years ago

        Hi,I have never written a food hub before, here are my first two, based on the same cake pops Would be very interested on peoples feed back with regard to writing hubs about...

      • 50th Hub

        50th Hub

        5 years ago

        Woooo I have now managed to publish 50 hubs Now will I make 100k visitors or 100 hubs first

      • Hub feedback and Advice

        Hub feedback and Advice

        5 years ago

        Hi I have been away from Hubbing for a little while and I am starting again with renewed vigour, I'd appreciate any feedback on these recently published hubs in order to help me improve my future articles. Any comments...

      • It's great to be back

        It's great to be back

        5 years ago

        Hey after a long bout of illness, it's amazing to be back at the hubpages community, I look forward to writing more hubs, going to try and get my quantum physics series finished Look forward to reading peoples...

      • Hub Length

        Hub Length

        7 years ago

        Hi,I haven't written for almost six months due to family problems, however now that I am back I am thinking seriously about the length of a hub. Obviously it is often topic dependent. However I am interested in peoples...

      • What technology will advance mankind in the next 100 years?

        What technology will advance mankind in the next 100 years?

        8 years ago

        Whilst talking with some other Hubber's we were disscussing new technologies, and i thought it would make for a good disscussion here! So what technological, scientific or engineering advancement do you think will cause...

      • Blue arrows

        Blue arrows

        8 years ago

        I have too many blue arrows and it is making me sad, better get tweaking

      • Just realised my author score reached 90 for the first time woot!

        Just realised my author score reached 90 for the first time woot!

        8 years ago

        Sorry just wanted to blow my own trumpet...feels good

      • A good external traffic %

        A good external traffic %

        8 years ago

        Hi,Just a quick question. I realise that hubpages traffic is worth very little $$$ and external traffic more specifically search engine traffic is worth more $$$. What do people think is a good ration of hubpages to...

      • New Series - quantum physics

        New Series - quantum physics

        8 years ago

        Hi,I am about to start a new series on quantum physics and major experients which have shapped the landscape I have done a couple. I would appreciate it if someone would let me know what they think about1. layout2....

      • Placing banner ads for other affiliate programs?

        Placing banner ads for other affiliate programs?

        8 years ago

        Hi,I am part of some other affiliate programs and some of the hubs I am planning to write, don't really fall into the amazon/ebay catagory, my question is can i place banner ads, or another form of affiliate advertising...

      • New Hubber in fact new writer

        New Hubber in fact new writer

        8 years ago

        Hi all,I am very new to the hubbing game in fact have only been a member 3 days, I really love writing however have never really done anything like this! Please take a look at some of my hubs and advise, please be...