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I am a Mining Engineer with vast experience in production, marketing, administration and corporate affairs. Writing on diversified subjects has been motivation for me to be an avid reader as well, and I have written various articles that have been published in journals and websites and are considered stellar pieces.

I take up writing assignments, both short and long-term, and my portfolio comprises medical writing, engineering, philosophy, literature etc. I am active at Pinterest and other social medias and have in-depth knowledge on their functioning.

I am available five days a week for any assignment.

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  • Rare Blooming Flowers

    Rare Blooming Flowers

    2 months ago

    This is a list of some of the endangered flowers in the world, some of which are no longer found in the wild and are cultivated and grown in botanical gardens for preservation into posterity.

  • Buddhism-The Gentle Religion

    Buddhism-The Gentle Religion

    3 years ago

    Buddhism preaches "Ahimsa" meaning not to injure. The name of the religion is derived from the word "Budhi" meaning 'to awaken.' It advocates liberation from ignorance and attainment of "Nirvana."

  • Benjamin Moloise-The Black Poet Freedom Fighter

    Benjamin Moloise-The Black Poet Freedom Fighter

    3 years ago

    The Hanging To Death Of Poet Benjamin Moloise Wrongly Accused Of Murder In The Erstwhile Apartheid Regime Of South Africa Set Events In Motion That Changed Its Destiny Forever

  • The Great Maharajahs Of India

    The Great Maharajahs Of India

    3 years ago

    With Their Immense Wealth And Opulence, The Indian Maharajahs Were Great Patrons of Arts And Culture, And Some Of Their Jewels Are Still Considered Finest In The World. Here Is A Glimpse Into History.

  • Lessons Learnt From A Golfer's Elbow

    Lessons Learnt From A Golfer's Elbow

    8 weeks ago

    An ailment that plagues most golfers, how can a golfer's elbow be avoided? What is its treatment?What are the life lessons I learnt from the game of golf?