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18, Student, aspiring to be an Archaeologist.

THIS IS MY OLD ACCOUNT, I AM GOING TO START A NEW ONE ASAP HOPEFULLY UNDER MY REAL NAME. I will post a link to it here. But since starting university I have realised that in the academic world my current articles arn't worth anything. So in order to try and make some sort of name for myself I have decided it is in my best interest to start afresh. See you on the other side.

Most of my hubs you will see are about the Ancient world, and especially Egypt, that is what I know best, but throughout the last couple of years I have broadened my scope and I am now about 600 pages of reading away from writing a bunch of hubs about ancient China, but for now I am afraid your stuck with Egypt and a couple of other areas! :D

Thanks for reading and voting in the Viewer's Choices!

Check out my Latest Hub and discover the answer to:
"Was the Greatest tension during the second world war over Operation Overlord??"

greg.miles@hotmail.co.uk with any questions, suggestions or just general chatter :)

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