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I'm one to try a lot of things at least once, and when I've given something my best and it doesn't seem beneficial, informative or profitable to me, then I'll move on to something new.

I believe that God has given each one of us something special and he's made some of those special qualities more obvious to some than others.

I believe it's up to us to find those special qualities within ourselves. That's why I believe that we should try things that interest us and do the things we are really good in doing or we enjoy doing it. It's our craft and it's our preference. We may be surprised as to where those desires of our hearts may lead us.

One of my passions is writing mysteries and suspense short stories. A long time ago, as an adolescent and all through my years in school, I've always made A's on my compositions papers as it was brought to my attention by several of my instructors who stated that I must put some of my writing ability to good use in future.

In the past, I've written all sorts of things from poetry to technical writing. Now since I've got some time on my hands, I'd like to share some of my writing of different categories with you in hopes that you enjoy it and become a fan. I'm a realist, I accept things as they are and not what they seem to be.

Recently, I've self-published 52 mystery books on several websites and in a couple of local publications that I'm really proud of. Also, I am currently working on a few new projects that I've ventured into. So it's been a journey. All I know is to keep doing what I love and to just enjoy the journey along the way.

I hope you've been enjoying some of the other authors here at Hubpages.com where there is a lot of great information at your fingertips.

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