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Welcome to my page. I'm glad you dropped by. I usually write about dog issues, but recently I went on a weight loss journey that I want to share, so I'm chronicling here. I was able to lose twenty-four pounds and I know how to keep it off.

I'm not a novice in the weight loss world. I have spent a good portion of my fifty-three years going on diets. It has taken me quite a few tries, but this program has been successful for me and it's a plan I can stick to for life. It's common sense and doesn't deprive me of anything.

So, if you are frustrated because your New Years resolution has failed shake it off, relax, get your head in the game and read my next series of articles.

I will give you the secrets your skinny friends and co-workers already know. You will be well on your way to permanent weight loss.

It's not too late to start a good eating program and you can still be ready for bathingsuit season.

Ready, set, read!!!

Start by reading my article "A Conversation With Your Pet."


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