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I am a grandmother, teacher, and writer. Born, raised, and residing for fifty years in South Dakota, I understand two basic principles of life - weather matters and family matters most.

Despite going to college in the late sixties when rebellion was the word, I have a huge military influence in my life. Father, husband, daughter, and son-in-laws have all been active duty in armed conflict.

It is to the subject of military families that I direct my stories. My grandchildren are often hilarious, but life is a serious matter.


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  • Lusitania World War I Female Spies 5

    Lusitania World War I Female Spies 5

    17 months ago

    Soldiers escort Tillie from the concert hall to the Military Procurement Building. Tillis is recruited to be a spy. Finds ransom note for Rose. Judith, music instructor shares a vision. Rose is alive.

  • Lusitania WWI Female Spies 4

    Lusitania WWI Female Spies 4

    18 months ago

    Walter leaves for war. Tillie plays for her stepfather's party, sees Robert. Judith, her instructor's wife, is psychic and sees Rose alive sitting in a garden. The performance must go on. Tillie plays

  • Lusitania WWI Female Spies 3

    Lusitania WWI Female Spies 3

    18 months ago

    Tillie promises to find her missing sister. She becomes more estranged from her stepfather, Jarvis. Robert hints at using her music as a cover to spy. Walter joins the army, leaving her to play lead.

  • Lusitania WWI Female Spies 2

    Lusitania WWI Female Spies 2

    18 months ago

    A Girl Child continues. Tillie learns her mother is dead, drowned in the cold Atlantic waters off the Irish coast. Her small sister, Rose, is missing. Who sank the ship where a little girl played?

  • Lusitania WWI Female Spies

    Lusitania WWI Female Spies

    18 months ago

    A Girl Child, the second novel in a four novel series in about a German concert pianist, Tillie, recruited as a spy. Tillie accepts the assignment to cover her intention to rescue her kidnapped sister

  • Down the Melanoma Cancer Road

    Down the Melanoma Cancer Road

    19 months ago

    My daughter and I are sitting side by side at a restaurant table and she looks down. “You should have that checked,” she says pointing at a mole above my knee that I have had for years and years.