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Welcome to my little corner of Hub Pages. My name is Donna, and I'd love to have you stay for a while.

I have fun website that I'd love to have you help me on, if you are interested. It's a how-to website for making money on stock photography. I can't pay you in money, but I can give you the "rel=author" link that will give you the extra boost in Google! If you want to contribute an article, I'd love to have you do so. Of course, it can't be published elsewhere since you know how search engines are so picky on duplicate content these days!

Hope to see you there! Thanks!


When I was a young girl, my favorite hobby was writing. I would write stories to express sadness, wrote joyful songs when I was happy, and wrote poems to reflect every occasion. I remember sitting on the floor, hammering on my Dad's old college typewriter, imagining that I would grow up to be a glorious, successful writer. My greatest aspiration was to publish a book.

And so I followed my heart---with a few detours in between--and here I am. I've written one complete book, Mastering Punctuation, and co-wrote six books in another educational series. I've written numerous magazine and newspaper articles, editing college textbooks, and even worked as a writer for a technical firm.

But online writing is where I found my dream.

I stumbled onto my new online publishing career, and now split my time between Hub Pages and WebAnswers, and a few other online writing sites. As I close my eyes to sleep at night, I visualize my next articles, and look forward to each new day at work. I have finally found my dream job!

So I ask you to join me on Hub Pages. Visit my hubs, and tell me what you think.. and leave a comment if you wish. I try to visit everyone who comments on my hubs---in addition to my other visits---and I would love to read your hubs in return.

Well, I'll leave you now to return to your work. And, if you are looking for some exciting writing websites, try some of these great sites.

WebAnswers - I make most of my money at WA through Google AdSense.

HubPages - Join in on the fun. You'll earn Google AdSense money.

Thanks for coming by! I'd love for you to come back for a visit.

In Peace,


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