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Don Raj Nhoel

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  • A Love Untold

    A Love Untold

    15 months ago

    A story of an old man and woman whose love is unconditional. The reciprocity of their love.

  • The Ride on the Sea

    The Ride on the Sea

    16 months ago

    The Story of Raj's Journey to Bohol

  • A Scene in the Morning

    A Scene in the Morning

    18 months ago

    At dawn, the rooster crows, The darkness fade, the seedling grows. Every corner is a raindrops mess, The sun starts to shine at the east.

  • Compass Rose

    Compass Rose

    18 months ago

    You're my Compass Rose You point at me, I point at you, In the vast clear sky and ocean blue. Though a dark vacuum - the night outgrew, Still, I can sail as long as I have you.

  • Blind: Analogy of Being Wasted

    Blind: Analogy of Being Wasted

    19 months ago

    How can people see real value? How can the know if it is true? How can they appreciate the unique you, If all of them are just passing through?

  • The Bridge

    The Bridge

    19 months ago

    Have you ever crossed a bridge? Have you stayed a while inside a fridge? Have ever try that and combine? If love is a violation, I commit a crime. A bridge is known that connects a certain place, Its widely used by a vehicle or by pace. Its huge capacity and enormous strength, Were the foundation

  • Friday Afternoon: His Passion

    Friday Afternoon: His Passion

    19 months ago

    I woke up on a flat rugged surface, Where pathways were my bed, The warm air caressed my face, While the sun shines at the highest peak. Yells of the crowd, Outburst my ear, With anguish and wrath, Neglect with fear.

  • Thursday's Eve

    Thursday's Eve

    19 months ago

    I was running, Dashing every block, As light swallowed by dark, On each house of rocks.

  • A Teacher: Infinity Learning

    A Teacher: Infinity Learning

    19 months ago

    A one-of-a-kind person, Better in a discussion, Can work 24 hours a day, Dawn until the sun is away.

  • There Is No Other Place Like Home

    There Is No Other Place Like Home

    19 months ago

    When a ball is thrown up in the air, it will return to the ground with the same speed as it was thrown in the air. This process is called gravitation. Isaac Newton said, “What comes up must come down.”

  • Faked Goal

    Faked Goal

    19 months ago

    Those smile she embraced, That happiness carved in her face, Are imagery that loops my imagination, Never knowing all are fake - all are an illusion.

  • Incantation


    18 months ago

    Lumos! You cast a light in my dark life, Like a Patronus in a silver doe. Running gracefully around, As if cursed in crucio!

  • Rumplestiltskin


    19 months ago

    Once upon a time, In a land far far away, A curse was laid to a man in a heart of a woman today, She fled to the foreign land though I want her to stay, Hoping she’ll remember me, that’s all I can say.

  • My Snowflake

    My Snowflake

    19 months ago

  • An Eye for a Lie

    An Eye for a Lie

    19 months ago

    Your life lives in a lie, All because of your eye. It fibs, obscure and hallucinates, All the chances, sceneries and fate.

  • Martyr: How Long Can You Go?

    Martyr: How Long Can You Go?

    19 months ago

    Have you ever tried to chase someone you love but didn't love you back? "Offers them anything including your heart, The question is,"Did they feel your love?" You felt pain cleaved the beatings apart, But there you are again eager to start,"


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